It's Official! Mystery-Comedy Film 'Knives Out' Is Getting a Sequel


| LAST UPDATE 04/04/2021

By Molly Houghton
Knives Out Netflix Sequels
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It's a good day for people who love a good murder mystery mixed in with plenty of laughs. The hit film Knives Out will be coming out with not one, but two sequels thanks to an exclusive $450 million deal with Netflix.

Knives Out Netflix Deal
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The new films will reportedly be written and directed by the first movie's creator and director, Rian Johnson. The Hollywood talent was inspired to write Knives Out from his love for Agatha Christie novels, the world-renowned mystery novelist, known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections.

The first movie followed the family drama that ensued after the death (and possibly murder - you'll have to watch to find out) of crime novelist Plummer. His passing triggers a fight for his inheritance among the children and grandchildren of the wealthy clan. All the while, Detective Benoit Blanc, played by the talented Daniel Craig, investigates the suspicious circumstances of Plummer's dying.

Knives Out Comedy Mystery
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The A-list cast included the James Bond protagonist in addition to Captain America's Chris Evans, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Katherine Langford, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, LaKeith Stanfield, and Ana de Armas. For now, we can confirm that Daniel Craig is set to come back in his genius role for the Netflix sequels.

The first film was a total hit, earning a whopping $311 million worldwide on a $40 million budget. Johnson even received a 2020 Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and Knives Out was nominated for a Critics Choice Award. After hearing the award show news, the director told Deadline that he "had such a good time" making the movie and looked forward to a sequel.

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Rian Johnson Knives Out
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"[I had] such a great time working with Daniel [Craig], and now just seeing that audiences are responding to it, the idea of continuing it on seems like it would just be a blast," Johnson added. "But there's a lot that has to happen before that can happen, first and foremost being writing a script. So, we'll see." Well, it looks like he was able to write one (or two) since the first movie's 2019 release. And now that he's landed a deal with the popular streaming site, there's nothing in the way of another hilarious mystery film.