Kim Kardashian Hilariously Surprises Guests on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’


| LAST UPDATE 09/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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Anyone who's ever tuned into Ellen already knows just how much she loves surprises. But what about when she's on the receiving end? The talk-show host was recently given (a hilarious) taste of her own medicine after a major celeb stopped by her show for a surprise visit. Here's what went down.

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On Monday, September 13, during the premiere of the Ellen DeGeneres Show's 19th and final season, viewers tuned in as comedian Jimmy Kimmel took a spot in the hot seat. Little did DeGeneres know that her guest visitor actually had plans of his own...

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"I have something for you," Kimmel, 53, teased DeGeneres, 63, of a surprise gift. Any guess what - or should we say, who - he was referring to? We'll give you a hint: "It's a traditional gift. You know, the traditional gift for 19 years," as Jimmy began to explain.

..."It is a Kardashian!" Sure enough, much to Ellen's (and our) surprise, in came the one and only Kim Kardashian as she made her way across the stage to greet DeGeneres. "What!?" the shocked tv-host exclaimed before running over the hug the reality-star. If only our friends surprised us with Hollywood stars...

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But it appears the famous funny lady was actually just as starstruck as we would have been: "I have my very own Kardashian! I want to collect them all!" DeGeneres joked. And she may just be in luck: "By the way, if you have a Kim already, you can get a Kourtney, you can get a Khloe, you can get a Kendall - there's a lot of different choices," Kimmel hilariously chimed in.

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jimmy kimmel ellen degeneres
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While we’ll have to wait and see how that one plays out, we've got a hunch there are lots more surprises where that came from. In case you forgot, the final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show comes after quite an eventful year. From accusations of drama behind the scenes to COVID restrictions, Ellen’s return to the hot seat was met with lots of buzz. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” she gushed on Monday’s episode.

Back at ya.