The Jonas Brothers' Wives Hilariously Roasted Them


| LAST UPDATE 11/26/2021

By Conner Goodman
Jonas Brothers Roast Highlights
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Netflix recently released a hilarious family roast starring The Jonas Brothers and their loving wives. Not one person held back when it came time to say the funniest, and sometimes meanest, jokes. But hey, that's what a roast is all about! The famous brothers were Burnin' Up on stage.

jonas brothers family roast
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For those who may not be familiar with the former Disney stars, the trio made headlines back when they starred in Camp Rock and released their hit debut album, It's About Time. Since then, a lot has happened. The band broke up, they each pursued their solo careers, and all the bros got married. Living out every 2010's teenage girls' dream are Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Deleasa. And the three women were arguably the funniest ones who took the stage.

sophie turner priyanka chopra

Joe Jonas's actress wife Sophie Turner decided to use this opportunity to laugh at her hubbies former Disney days. The Game of Thrones star hilariously reminded the world about the brothers' purity rings. Turner shocked the crowd when she said, "Look, Joe Jonas wasn't just sticking his fingers in some dumb metal rings. He was sticking his fingers in costars, actresses, and even a supermodel or two."

She continued by saying how the whole thing was like a cinderella story because, "Joe tried to find a match for his purity rings a few times, but finally, the finger fit me. It was also like Cinderella because most of the girls he tried it with were under contract to Disney." Yeah, she went there.

Turner wasn't the only one presenting her comedic talents. Nick Jonas's wife, who is ten years his senior, poked fun at her partner. "I'm from India, a country rich in culture, in music, in entertainment, so clearly the Jonas Brothers didn't make it over there," Chopra joked about her brothers-in-law. She continued making fun of Nick, "We teach each other things. He showed me how to use TikTok, for example, and I showed him what a successful acting career looks like." The actress finished with, "Nick has changed my life. I wouldn't want to babysit, I mean be married to anyone else ever." Mic drop.

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kevin jonas wife danielle
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And last but not least, Kevin's wife, Danielle, took the stage. Except, she didn't actually say anything... because she lost her voice. So, host Thompson helped her out by reading her roast. Of course, she laughed at how little attention this JoBro received through the years, "I met Kevin on vacation, and before that, the only thing I've done on vacation that ruined my life was getting vacation braids. I basically ignored him the whole time, which he loved because he said it reminded him of his mom." Ouch!

Stream the unbelievably funny roast on Netflix to see what other stars like Pete Davidson, Lily Singh, John Legend, Jack Whitehall, and Blake Shelton had to say.