John Krasinski Kissed Pete Davidson on This Week's Hilarious 'SNL' Episode

Taran Underwood

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John Krasinski rarely fails to make us laugh, ever since he landed the infamous role of Jim Halpert on The Office, we just can't get enough of him. This week, he made his debut as the host of Saturday Night Live but couldn't seem to escape his character from The Office, giving fans a hilarious surprise.

During the opening monologue on SNL, various cast members interrupted Krasinski and encouraged him to act more like Jim, even asking him to "kiss Pam." And Pete Davidson seemed to believe that people have been binging the series even more lately due to the global pandemic. Because of this, he thinks fans have a new perspective on the characters. 

John Krasinski SNL
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Specifically, Pete was referring to Jim and Pam, one of the show's most popular couples. Davidson's convinced that avid watchers of the series have started to believe that Krasinski's character and on-screen romance are real. He proceeded to say that on the episode of SNL, they "really need for someone to be Pam." So, Krasinski decided to give the people what they wanted; A romantic moment between Jim and Pam.

And how exactly did he do this without another female on stage? Krasinski and Davidson embraced in a passionate kiss, and according to John, "that did feel really good. Wow, thank you, Pam," he joked. But that wasn't the only office reference on this week's episode of SNL. In one sketch, the cast sang some new lyrics to the tune of The Office's theme song.

Speaking of the series, what's the latest with The Office, anyway, you might ask. At the beginning of 2021, The Office producer Greg Daniels spoke about a potential reunion, saying it's "more likely" now that the series is being streamed on Peacock. However, he expressed one problem with this; "I think the issue [with a reunion] is... what is left to be said about the characters?" Daniels explained. Regardless, he said he's trying to find a few solutions to that problem, with the hope of bringing the hilarious cast back together sometime soon.