Joel McHale Talks 'Community' Movie Adaptation


| LAST UPDATE 07/04/2022

By Lily Tipton
Joel McHale, Community Movie
Tiffany Rose via Getty Images for Vintage Hollywood

Fans of the sitcom, Community, will all be very aware of the famous 'six seasons and a movie' gag that ran throughout the show's run. According to the characters, a popular television show will last six seasons and then bring out a movie. So when the show's last episode of season six ran, marking the show's end, and the words #andamovie were displayed on a blank screen, we took their word for it. But, how concrete was this promise? Is the movie really on the way? Joel McHale finally spilled the beans...

The idea of a Community movie has been teased numerous times by various cast members since the series ended in 2015. Still, so far, we have yet to receive anything worth getting too excited over. Until now, that is. Talking to, McHale revealed that a movie is "more likely now" than it ever has been, thanks to the power of social media and streaming services. "There's been so much talk of it where I used to go, 'Maybe there'll be a movie — I don't know,' [but] it's more likely now because the show has done so well, streaming-wise, it's really just a matter of getting everybody together and getting schedules right," he said. 

Joel McHale, Ken Jeong
FOX via Getty Images
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"It's like making a dessert on Crime Scene Kitchen," he continued to explain. "All these elements have to come together, and they have to come together at the right time. So I would say it's more likely, definitely more likely than it used to be, and I'm positive about it when I'm usually not. I've already written nine scripts of it, and it is brilliant!" Okay, we are officially excited.

McHale is currently preparing for his Fall tour, which will include some shows with his hysterical Community co-star Ken Jeong. When asked what fans can expect from the tour, McHale quickly responded, "hilarity." Drawing it back to the discussion about the movie, he quipped that the pair plan to shoot the film while performing on tour with a "GoPro." "We'll be bringing Donald [Glover] along; it's going to be great!" he laughed. While we eagerly await further news of the movie, buy your tickets now to catch the crew on tour!

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