Joel McHale Stirs the Pot in New Cooking Series


| LAST UPDATE 08/04/2022

By Arianna Morgan
joel mchale comedy series
Ethan Miller / Staff via Getty Images

We love a good cooking show! Everything from MasterChef to Hell's Kitchen, The Great British Bake Off, and Chopped, sign us up. So what could make a cooking show even better? Well, Celebrity Beef has cracked the egg (or code), and delivered us the perfect cooking competition series. So let's take a look at what the new series is all about.

The new series, Celebrity Beef, features some of our favorite celebrities in a good old friendly (ish) cook-off! Hosted by Joel McHale, each week, the show features two stars going head-to-head in a cooking competition who have some beef with one another - all while McHale has the responsibility of dealing with the underlying beef between the two celebs in the kitchen while they whip up something tasty! So, let's see who can handle the heat in the kitchen and who has to get out.

Cheryl Hines Rachael Harris
Charley Gallay/WireImage via Getty Images
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The first episode, "Good Cop vs. Bad Cop," stars Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines and Lucifers' Rachael Harris. So what's their beef? The two are actually longtime friends, so according to Harris, their beef is due to Hines' tendency to always say "yes to everything." The Lucier star told E! "She can't say no, she wants to take care of everybody," and that "she's always trying to fix everybody, and it's really admirable, but then she gets herself painted into a corner." So, the two decided to jump into the celebrity kitchen and sort out their issues. LOL.

In a short clip of the series, we can see McHale explaining to the ladies, "Your time starts when I shout, 'Start cooking!'" as the ladies run off to start picking up ingredients to make the perfect cupcake! Hines decided to go for vanilla, while Harris went for red velvet. "I want mine to be very colorful and beautiful," Cheryl says as she takes nearly all the sprinkles and steals the tins from her competitor. McHale chimed in and asked the Curb Your Enthusiasm star if she had everything when he noticed her butter needed some softening! So naturally, the host took the butter and tucked the butter under his shirt and into his pants to soften it up! LOL. Seems like things got pretty steamy in the kitchen, so make sure to tune into E! for more episodes of Celebrity Beef.

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