Jo Koy Talks Upcoming Movie 'Easter Sunday'


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Jo Koy Easter Sunday
Greg Doherty via Getty Images

For years and years, the hilarious Jo Koy has shared with audiences around the country details of his Filipino culture and stories from his childhood. And finally, we are seeing Koy coming to the big screen for his upcoming film, Easter Sunday. The comedian has always dreamt of sharing his story with larger television or movie audiences, but was constantly rejected by producers who claimed his story was not accessible enough. However, in 2019 when his special Comin' in Hot was released, Steven Spielberg saw the hilarious footage. And here we are...

Most famously known for his recurring role on Chelsea Lately and his Comedy Central Specials, Jo Koy has been in the biz for ages - and Easter Sunday is finally his time to shine as a Filipino comedian and actor in Hollywood! Spielberg's Amblin Partners inked a deal with Koy to produce Easter Sunday, which features an-all Filipino cast.

Jo Koy Tia Carrere
Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images
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The overdue film, is a love letter to the Filipino community, according to Koy. The comedian sat down with Variety to discuss what the film means to him, the importance of representation for the Filipino community, and what the journey has been to get to that point. The hilarious trailer hit over 9.4 million views in just 72 hours of its release, which simply confirmed Koy's feelings of gratitude and excitement for people to finally hear his voice expressed through his community. However, according to the comedian, he would get "no all the time," but it never made any sense. He was constantly selling out shows on the road but couldn't land a deal with Netflix. Koy confirmed he paid for Live From Seattle himself, and in the end, it took convincing - but Netflix finally hopped on board.

Koy explained to Variety that it was important for him to incorporate various elements from Filipino culture that was relatable to everyone. "That's what I love about comedy because that's what brings us together, and that's what brings cultures together," he gushed. Easter Sunday stars Tia Carrere, Lydia Gaston, and Koy himself as they highlight the Filipino culture in a comedic yet lovable way. So make sure to check out the trailer for Easter Sunday and get ready for the August 5th premiere date!

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