Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez Let the Kids Rule in Their Netflix Comedy 'Yes Day'

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Jennifer Garner Edgar Ramirez Yes Day
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Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez are excited for their newest film, Yes Day, to officially come to Netflix on March 12th! The actors shared some of their funniest memories from the movie, where they played a married couple who said "yes" to all of their children's requests for one whole day.

The film was actually based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book, Yes Day, which also inspired Garner to give her kids a "yes" day in real life. "I've done 'yes days' with my kids since my middle daughter was young. She loved that book so much!" Jennifer shared. "One day, she asked me if we could have a yes day and that it's all she wanted for Christmas, and I agreed."

"It was before the trend really caught on. We started the tradition about eight years ago, and we've been doing them ever since," Garner continued. Her own experiences essentially earned her the role in the first place. "I remember sharing a photo of myself [on social media] after one such day, and I looked exhausted!" said Jennifer.

Jennifer Garner Edgar Ramirez Yes Day
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"It caught the attention of Ben Everard and Lawrence Grey, who reached out to my manager with interest in turning this into a movie which we did," she explained. And Garner said she's extremely pleased with how her character, Allison, was portrayed in the film.

Ramirez revealed that one of his favorite scenes from the movie was going through a carwash with the windows open. "I can laugh about it now because I remember the water was freezing since we shot it at the end of January or early February 2020," he shared.

Jennifer Garner Edgar Ramirez Yes Day
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"And I will admit, ever since I had my first car, I also fantasized about doing what we did in the film!" Edgar added. "So many moments from this movie helped me feel liberated, and I hope the audience feels the same when they watch it." So, who's saying "yes" to Yes Day?!