Jennifer Aniston Discusses 'Murder Mystery' 3


| LAST UPDATE 04/23/2023

By Lily Tipton
Jennifer Anniston Adam Sandler
@jenniferaniston via Instagram

We know we should just be grateful for Murder Mystery 2 and not already be begging for more, but we can't help but be greedy. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are the ultimate comedic duo that keeps on giving, so who could blame us for our curiosity? As soon as the credits rolled on the second installment, we began to wonder if more was to come for the murder mystery-solving partners. Thankfully, Jennifer Aniston had all the answers we so desperately needed...

"I hope so. I would love to make it three, and I know Adam would too," Aniston told Best UK. The two co-stars who play a married couple, Nick and Audrey Spitz, have a long-standing friendship predating their first movie, Just Go With It. "But it really all depends on if people love this one like they did the first, and of course, if Netflix wants us," she continued.

Murder Mystery Netflix Comedy
@jenniferaniston via Instagram
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The former Friends star also lent her talents behind the camera, taking on a producing role alongside Sandler. In front of the camera, they did what they do best, bouncing off each other and going off script whenever the moment called for it. When asked by Collider if the duo ad-lib on occasion, she confirmed they enjoy mixing it up. "We do a little bit of everything. Yeah. Usually, there's always something a little different from take to take, wouldn't you say?" she said while looking at Sandler for confirmation. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We like to make each other laugh," he replied. Jennifer continued, "Which is fun, and he does all the time. And it usually makes it in the movie, not the break, but the line."

Netflix first introduced us to the hilarious married duo in the 2019 release of Murder Mystery. The film told the story of Nick and Audrey Spitz, who found themselves caught up in a murder investigation while on a trip to Europe. The sequel, released on March 31, 2023, saw the hysterical couple running their own detective agency. Stream both movies now and help improve our chances of scoring a third!

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