Jenna Fischer Just Revealed There's an Alternate Ending of 'The Office'


| LAST UPDATE 11/20/2020

By Scarlett Adler
Valerie Macon via Getty Images

Someone please go check on Michael Scott, because after hearing this news, something tells us he'd be just as appalled as we were; This past week, Jenna Fischer, a.k.a Pam, took to her podcast to reveal what really went down after Scranton's finest clocked in those nine-to-fives, and we've got everything you need to know.

Michael Scott, The Office
The Office Season 3 Episode 9 via NBC

But before the big reveal, let's brush up on our Office knowledge, with a quick little recap of how season 3 ended: For all of our #TeamJam fans, you probably remember the moment Jim Halpert sabotaged his corporate interview to finally profess his love to our favorite secretary. But did you know that almost never happened?

Pam Beesly, The Office
Instagram via @theoffice / The Office Season 3 Episode 25 via NBC

But don't take our word for it. "Well, I'll tell you… there were actually two versions in the script for the ending of this episode," Fisher revealed of the legendary season 3 finale. So, what almost happened?

Michael Scott, The Office
The Office Season 3 Episode 25 via NBC

In the second version, a voiceover of Jim is heard, where he's sabotaging his interview with David, as the actress explained. "But it's even more. It's like, he's really cracking jokes. He's not taking it seriously at all, to the point that David actually says, 'Do you even want this job?" Typical Jim.

Dunder Mifflin, The Office
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But what exactly was going on down back in Scranton? In the alternate ending, Pam actually heads out for the day, with no 1-1 interview: "She gets in the elevator… then when the elevator doors open, Jim is standing there."

Guest Star, Dwight, Jim, The Office
The Office Season 8 Episode 23 via NBC

And, of course, because we waited 3 whole seasons, after all, writers still made sure that second scene ended with the two lovebirds walking off into the sunset together - well, Dunder Mifflin parking lot, actually. How, um, romantic.

Pam & Jim Halpert, The Office
The Office Season 9 Episode 22 via NBC

Just like in the original version, Jim then asks Pam out for dinner, to which she agrees - obviously; And as the two walk out of the lobby, Jim pushes the cameraman back into the elevator; Only as the doors are closing, viewers see the two walk off together as Jim, "Puts his arm around her, and they smile."

Karen Filippelli, The Office
The Office Season 3 Episode 23 via NBC

Oh, we almost forgot to mention the deleted scene where Karen Filippelli (remember her?) cries at her desk upon hearing the news; Aren't you glad that the writers decided to ax the waterworks; Seriously, Kelly did enough of that for the whole office, didn't she?

All jokes aside, what do you think of the alternate ending?