Jason Momoa Wore A Tank Top To The Golden Globe Awards

Taran Underwood

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Fashion is all about making a statement and for an event like the Golden Globes, you want to make a good impression. Well, not Jason Mamoa, who arrived at the black-tie event wearing a tank top.

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Who knows why the American actor decided to dress that way? Could it be he has zero sense of style and thought it looked good? Could it be that he is too stylish and decided to make a statement? Or, does he get a little too hot with all those celebrities sweating all over him?

Either way, when you're Jason Mamoa you can pretty much do whatever you want and his tank top attracted a lot of attention.

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Well, after his recent role as the superhero Aquaman, he caused the movie to bank more than $1 billion worldwide since it was released last month. So, we can understand why he just wants to relax. Give the guy a break!