Jamie Foxx is Set to Star in Hilariously Relatable New Comedy

Scarlett Adler

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Ever wondered what life was like growing up in the Foxx household? Lucky for us, it appears we're about to get some answers - in the form of a hilarious new comedy headed to our screens. Hang on while we break down everything you need to know.

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Titled Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Netflix's upcoming comedy series is about to show Jamie Foxx like never before. Well, that is unless you're Corinne Foxx. "When you're in the moment as a teenager and going through this stuff? It's not funny... you're actually upset," Corinne - a.k.a Foxx's 27-year-old daughter revealed of her childhood days.

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But while she might not have known at the time, Corinne's younger years - and all of the stories that came with 'em, of course - are officially making their way to our screens. That's right, while she's opted to stay behind the camera as executive producer, Ms. Foxx's childhood experiences are about to bless us with a whole lot of laughs.

Corinne, Jamie Foxx, Netflix
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So, what can we expect exactly? Inspired by Foxx and Corinne's relationship, the upcoming series will see Jamie star as Brian: A devoted single dad to teenaged daughter, Sasha (Kyla-Drew). And it'll be exactly as entertaining as it sounds; A "throwback vibe" filled with "old-school laughter," as costar David Alan Grier promised.

"It's so fulfilling to see how these stories have grown into something that my dad and I can cherish and love," Corinne gushed about her and dad's upcoming endeavors. "This is our story, and it's just like, 'Wow, at least we went through all that for something!'" she joked.

Jamie Foxx, Daughter, Netflix
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Safe to say, we couldn't agree more. And in only a matter of time, we'll be able to tag along on the nostalgic adventure for ourselves. That's right, according to Netflix, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me will be gracing our screens on April 14. We don't know about you guys, but suddenly April can't come any sooner.

Until then? Stay tuned.