Iliza Shlesinger and Co-Star Promo Their Latest Netflix Release With Hilarious Segments


| LAST UPDATE 06/28/2021

By Kayla Black
Good on Paper Netflix
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Netflix stars Iliza Shlesinger and Margaret Cho sat down to talk all things comedy in celebration of their recent rom-com, Good on Paper. And script or no script, these two know how to bring some serious laughter to the audience.

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The comedic duo started by flexing their creative muscles with a segment titled Insta-Rom-Com. They each pulled two names and a made-up film title from a bowl. And from there? Comedy magic. One top brainchild to come from the segment included Eat, Drink, and Don't Get Married: A mother-daughter comedy with Jane Fonda and Sarah Silverman.

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"[Sarah] just got dumped at the altar," Iliza explained in her hilarious plot. "So they're doing like an Eat, Pray, Love... Like self-realization tour." Seems like a solid pitch, right? Well, the actresses weren't done yet. "And spies?" Shlesinger asked timidly. "And they're also spies. It's a rom-com!" Cho confirmed.

After a few more zingers, including Did You Fart? with Tom Segura and Shaquille O'Neal, Iliza and Margaret moved into their next segment: Pants on Fire. "[Good on Paper] is all about dating, con artists, and people making things up to get what they want," Cho explained. "So this game is perfect for us." Shlesinger started strong with a lie so fool-proof it sounded like the truth. "I just made it up!" she exclaimed in excitement, having fooled her co-star with the fib.

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Margaret followed up with some pretty surprising truths, including a nasty hot air balloon accident and some interesting accessory choices. In the end, the stand-up pair had concocted some seriously convincing lies and even more shocking truths. But most of all, they put their lie-detecting skills from Good on Paper to the test. Shlesinger and Cho mastered their sleuthing skills from filming their "rom-con," which debuted on Netflix on June 23rd.

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"If you're thirsty for some lies, some tasty lies, some true stories based on lies, then check out Good on Paper," Shlesinger said after their segment came to an end. "Truth is, it's a very good movie. I wouldn't lie to you." Be sure to check back with us for more comedy news and updates on this summer's funniest releases.