Hulu Drops First Look at Chris Estrada Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 07/24/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Chris Estrada Hulu Comedy
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Clusterfest via Getty Images

Stand-up genius and now co-creator Chris Estrada has just produced a brand new comedy series, This Fool. Commonly known for his appearances on Comedy Central, Estrada is known as "one of the funniest comedians in America right now." He is pulling out all the stops to get all the laughs! Estrada has used his own life as an inspiration to form a rib-tickling series, and the trailer already has us all hooked. Here's a look...

The trailer for This Fool has just been released, and fans are going crazy for what's in store for Hulu. Where The Office meets Curb Your Enthusiasm and 21 Jump Street, we are taken down into South Central Los Angeles, commonly known as an "impoverished area of the city" with gang violence. After releasing his autobiography, Estrada admitted to growing up in a "lifestyle of... trouble," and this humorous memoir reflects his "Latino identity." The two-minute trailer is just a snippet of his hilariously entertaining life. Estrada's character, Julio Lopez, is in charge of a non-profit rehabilitation center for ex-thugs, Hugs Not Thugs, and comes into contact with his older cousin, Luis (Frankie Quinones), who has recently gotten out of prison after eight years. Lopez already has a lot on his plate, starting with the fact that he still lives in his family home with his on and off girlfriend - but now his overdue cousin, who depicts the fool, decides to move in, and they don't exactly see "eye-to-eye."

chris estrada hulu comedy
Instagram via @chrisestradacomic
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The dynamic co-producing duo, Fred Armisen and Chris Estrada, have put together a 10-episode series of half-hour episodes to the test. While the trailer has set the series off to a good start, it's all down to the cast, complimenting each other's unique and comical flare. There's nothing better than watching a thug façade reveal their true love-able and hug-able identities. Don't judge a book by its cover, right? Estrada's character believes there is good behind every gang, so who wouldn't want to buy red-velvet cupcakes off a thug in training? The new hit-to-be includes cast members like Sopranos legend Michael Imperioli, Michelle Ortiz, Laura Patalano, and Julia Vera. The combination of the cast adds an authentic Latino taste to the show, while the directorial take on gang-life immerses audiences into the real world of downtown L.A.

As the trailer unfolds, we watch characters learn how to go from bandit to best friend, taking part in do-good activities, whilst getting a glimpse of cousin Luis harassing Julio whenever he gets the chance, "why does your body still look 19, but your face looks 56 fool?" Hence, this fool. The homies of Hulu have done a pretty good job with this one, and Estrada's new show will be launching on August 12th, 2022.

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