These Hilarious Podcasts Will Turn That Frown Upside Down


| LAST UPDATE 01/03/2022

By Scarlett Adler
Hilarious Podcasts
Instagram via @dtrtpodcast

In a list of knee-slapping podcast recommendations put together by comedians and podcasters themselves, comedy lovers have been given the gift of laughter. Once we began to listen, we added several to our queue, and you can too! Here are our top recommendations for podcasts to kickstart some laughter therapy.

2 Dope Queens Podcast
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2 Dope Queens is full of back-and-forth banter between hosts Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. Listening to the comics chat about anything from power couples they wish they could join to restaurant etiquette can make you feel like you're cracking up with your pals in the living room, a few cold ones in.

Hilarious podcasts
Instagram via @dtrtpodcast

Do The Right Thing is a massively funny panel of comedians who challenge each other's opinons to decide the "right" way to act in any given circumstance. Topics range from the best way to get a hotel upgrade to how to survive a freefall without a parachute. Listeners are guaranteed a hardy laugh and even a nugget of new info!

Birthday Girls House Party
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Writer/comedian Stevie Martin recommends Birthday Girls House Party. Hosted by BFFs and comedians Rose Johnson, Camille Ucan, and Beattie Edmondson, the show ranges from "so funny" to "so stupid funny." It once featured a segment where Camille barked lyrics to songs for Martin to guess. Chaotic? Maybe. Hilarious? Absolutely.

Have a Word Podcast
Instagram via @haveawordpod

Have a Word is by stand-up comedians Dan Nightingale and Adam Rowe. The pair are undeniably hilarious and can have listeners in belly-laugh-tears in no time! This podcast comes to you on listening platforms and each funny episode is filmed for Instagram and Twitter as well. Why just listen and laugh when you can watch too?

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If you're just now entering the world of podcasts, or if you feel like you've listened to just about everything out there, this might be a good place to start. Burnt Toast Presents is a parody show that playfully and comically pokes fun at other genres of podcasts.

The first episode begins with the story of a missing toaster as many true crime shows do. The second episode will evoke more and more laughs, as impressions, imitations, and playful mockery takes place. While there are many ways to lift your mood, some good 'ol laugh therapy might be just what you need.