Here's What Might Happen During Adam Sandler's First Time Hosting 'SNL'

Taran Underwood

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It was recently announced Adam Sandler would be returning to host Saturday Night Live for the first time ever this May. If it seems weird that one of SNL's biggest breakout stars has yet to return to host a regular episode of the show, that might be because he was actually fired for reasons he still doesn't understand.

It doesn't appear there's much bad blood there though, as Sandler appeared in SNL's 40th anniversary special, and also, well, it's been like 20 years. He even told his fellow former cast member Norm Macdonald in 2014 that the reason he hadn't hosted was that he just didn't think he'd be good at it. So there you go.

But what can we expect from this long awaited reunion? Well here are some of Sandler's most memorable moments on the show, a few of which are probably due for a reboot.

The Denise Show was a recurring sketch that featured Sandler as Brian, a man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Denise. The sketch appeared in three different episodes in season 19, and it even had something of a narrative arc that ended with Brian actually getting back together with another ex. So maybe Sandler's return means we'll get to see how Brian handles divorce and texting. Oh, god.

The Gap Girls were Gap saleswomen whose fashion advice was basically belts, as their catchphrase "cinch it" would suggest. This sketch is a great example of gaslighting in action, and even features current SNL regular Alec Baldwin, so maybe it's time for the Gap girls to enter the #MeToo era and finally get their revenge?

It's true, Sandler's infamous hit 'The Hanukkah Song' made it's debut on SNL in 1994, so it stands to reason we'll be in for some all new musical stylings. Sandler even teamed up with SNL's other musical prodigy, Andy Samberg for the shows 40th anniversary.

'That's When You Break' was both the sketch comedy version of a clip show and a nod to Sandler's notoriety for breaking during sketches. Including this one:

It's one of Sandler's most memorable performances, even though Chris Farley completely steals the show (and seeing Norm Macdonald in a string bean costume is also a treat.) So while a musical performance from Sandler is incredibly likely, the big question on everyone's mind is: will Opera Man return?

It's probably Sandler's most memorable character, and in 2019 he'd have plenty of totally bonkers news worth recapping. But, if nothing else, one thing that'd probably be a real highlight is seeing Sandler team up with the current SNL cast member who most reminds us of him.

Remind you of anyone? Well here's a hint: When Sandler first joined the cast in 1990, he was the youngest member, after Chris Rock. So basically he was the kid of the cast who did silly Weekend Update segments. Ring any bells? Still no? Come on.

That's right, current youngest cast member and Staten Island's least favorite son Pete Davidson has at least two things sort of in common with Sandler. Kinda. Right? I mean, they were both on the show pretty young, they're both known for their Update bits, and while Pete publicly suffers from serious mental illness, Sandler made Funny People.

But hey, even if there's not a Pete/Adam team up in the cards, Sandler does have a pretty killer Springsteen impression he could break out. Thankfully, this would still be relevant.

And so would his Bono impression. Because, even though it's been basically an entire generation since Sandler's stint on SNL, legends never die and nothing ever changes.