Hannah Einbinder Talks ‘Hacks’ Season 3


| LAST UPDATE 07/15/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Hannah Einbinder Hacks Updates
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Hacks season two has come to an end, and the hilarious comedy has left us only wanting more and more! The HBO Max show, starring Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, has been Emmy nominated in 17 categories, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Following the news of all the exciting nominations, Einbinder, who is up for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy, opened up to E! about where she hopes her character, Ava, will land up during season three.

For those who haven't gotten on the Hacks train quite yet, let us give ya the 411. The brilliant comedy follows the hilarious yet endearing and sometimes dark mentorship between Deborah Vance (Smart), an iconic Las Vegas comic, and a young and witty comedy writer played by Einbinder. During the recent season of the HBO Max show, audiences were obsessively involved in Ava and Deborah's relationship and were saddened to see the two part ways at the end. However, we see Ava decide to take a different path in order to help boost her own career - so really it was pretty bittersweet...

Jean Smart Hannah Einbinder
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However, with this ending, the writers left much room for what could happen during season three. Luckily, E! sat down with Einbinder to get the tea on where she would like to see her Hacks character move towards. "I'm hoping that when we next meet Ava, she is living in a communal agrarian society where there's no money being asked, child rearing and goods and services are exchanged out of the goodness of everyone's heart," Einbinder jokingly said. "There's no government, and everyone just gets along." She adds she hopes to see Deborah change her mind and the two rekindle. "Ava and Deborah both struggle with doing the right thing and putting others before themselves," the actress continued. "So it is truly the greatest act of love that [Deborah] is being selfless in this way. And it's so heartbreaking and sentimental and emotional."

Einbinder would ideally like to see the two reunite and recognizes that although their relationship might not be healthy all the time, "they really are some of the only people in the world who understand each other." The Los Angeles-born comedian also notes she is "never surprised at the quality of what these writers do," but "I'm always surprised at the directions they take the show." And honestly, so are we - but we love it!

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