Get Ready to Laugh as Catherine O'Hara Reveals Which Wig Moira Would Have Worn To the Emmys

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The comedic hit Schitt's Creek killed it at the 2020 Emmys, and we can't say we're too surprised. As the cast answered questions after their victorious night, Catherine O'Hara revealed which wig the beloved Moira would have worn for her favorite season (award's season).

Schitt's Creek- Moira and Johnny
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"I think you mean to win an 'Emannuel,'" joked O'Hara when asked which wig Moira would wear to win an Emmy. "Actually for the [Crows Have Eyes 3] premiere I think Moira went with her own look because when it's a serious moment and there's no facade needed, Moira just lets herself show. But for me, I guess it would've been the big pink thing."

Schitt's Creek Cast
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The bubblegum pink wig sounds like the perfect style for Schitt's Creek's epic Emmy night. The series won an award in every single comedy category, including an acting award for each member of the protagonist Rose family. Good thing Moira has enough wigs for each trophy.

Schitt's Creek- Alexis and David
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Daniel Levy, co-creator of the show, left with a few Emmys for Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Supporting Actor. Incredibly, Levy had never won an Emmy before this year. Schitt's Creek also won the Outstanding Comedy Series award. Go big or go home! And when your home is Schitt's, it's best to go big.

Schitt's Creek Cast
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After winning a total of nine awards, the show set a record for most wins in a year for a comedy series. "Oh boy, our show at its core is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance and that is something we need more of now than we've ever needed before," said Daniel Levy while accepting the Outstanding Series award.

Schitt's Creek Cast
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The show's incredible success has gained it a slot on Comedy Central. Beginning on October 2, Comedy Central will air all six seasons of Schitt's Creek, with a scheduled five episodes per week every Friday. So, you officially have no excuse not to watch it!