Get Ready To Ha Ha Ha With Netflix's New Christmas Movies and TV Shows

Molly Houghton

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The holiday season is here, and Netflix has us covered with new Christmas movies and tv shows released this year. Viewers are sure to be laughing all the way from the North Pole with these funny flicks.

Just Another Christmas via Netflix

Just Another Christmas is set to release on December 3. The comedy follows a grumpy protagonist, Jorge, who falls on Christmas Eve and wakes up a year later with a wiped memory. Jorge, who hates the holidays, soon realizes he is stuck in a time loop and will wake up on Christmas Eve every day.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 via 1492 Pictures

You'll be able to stream The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix as of November 25. This funny holiday sequel takes place two years after the first film. Viewers see Kate Pierce, who is now a moody teenager, as she unexpectedly encounters Santa Claus. Their reunion takes a turn when a troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas.

Instagram via @imagenpr

This holiday rom-com is premiered recently on Netflix, and viewers are already going nuts for the Christmas film. Emma Roberts stars as Sloane, a young woman who hates the holidays. Sloane's loved ones judge her for being single, so she comes up with a clever way to not be alone during the holidays.

Over Christmas via Netflix

If you're looking for something more long-term than a movie, then Over Christmas is for you. The film will premiere on November 27 and follows a defeated musician, Basti, as he comes home over the holidays to visit family. The series follows Basti through a series of unlucky and humorous events. With all of this new binge-worthy material, and Kevin Hart's latest Netflix special, we have a feeling you might wanna clear up that calendar of yours...