From Open Houses to Over the Top Weddings: The 'Selling Sunset' Cast Spill Their Behind-The-Scene Secrets


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Kayla Black

The cast of Selling Sunset has certainly brought the drama to Netflix since giving us an inside-view of The Oppenheim Group. We've watched friendships form, marriages take off, and unfortunately, some relationships crumble. Keep reading to learn what really went down behind the scenes of Selling Sunset.

Meet the Group

The Oppenheim Group's full of bold personalities who sometimes butt heads, but the truth is, they're all there to sell real estate. "Mary, Heather, Maya, and Christine were licensed and successful real estate agents at The Oppenheim group many years prior to filming the show," explained Jason.

The Girls Selling SunsetThe Girls Selling Sunset
Instagram via @brettoppenheim

"Amanza worked with us as a designer, and has been a close friend of Mary's and mine for many years." Chrishell and Davina also worked in real estate for years before joining the group. "Any insinuation that the agents on our show are not experienced, successful, or licensed, evidences a complete disregard for the facts," Jason added.

Seeing Double

43-year-old twins, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, opened The Oppenheim Group to sell real estate in West Hollywood back in 2013. Since then, Jason has acted as the President and Founder, while Brett was the Senior Vice President, and the two dominated L.A. real estate with their hard-working team of agents.

Seeing Double Selling SunsetSeeing Double Selling Sunset
Getty Images via Rich Fury

Jason and Brett's great-great-grandfather, Jacob Stern, was one of L.A.'s leading agents, brokers, and developers during the late 1800s, so you could say that real estate is in the Oppenheim genes. Neither of them planned to become reality stars, but when the opportunity came to promote the business on Netflix, they jumped aboard.

Selling Sunset Is Not Scripted

With all of the drama that's gone down, there's been some speculation that the show's entirely scripted. However, Jason, Bret, and the agents have assured us that's not the case, and this is true reality TV. "The show isn't scripted," said Chrishell, after going through her divorce on camera. "If it was, I would be pissed."

As Real as It Gets Selling SunsetAs Real as It Gets Selling Sunset
Instagram via @amanzasmith

"I can't tell you how many hours we would sit in an edit bay just working on one scene," explained Executive Producer, Adam DiVello. "I think most reality shows would have turned it out in a day, and we'll spend a week." The producers filter through countless hours of real footage, and in the end, don't even use a lot of it.

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Christine & Mary Used to Be Roommates

Before they exposed their personal lives on Netflix, Mary and Christine were inseparable, and they even lived together at one point. But once Mary sided with Chrishell during the season one finale blowout, Christine suddenly didn't feel so close to her former roomie.

Christine & Mary Were Inseparable Selling SunsetChristine & Mary Were Inseparable Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"Mary and I had started a transition away from each other, I would say, in the middle of season one, before any of the drama went down," explained Christine. "And after we stopped filming, you know, the cameras went down and phones work both ways, and I wasn't getting any calls from her... And it was something that kind of hurt my feelings."

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People Thought Chrishell Was Hired As an Actress

When Chrishell first stepped into the office in the very first episode, there was speculation that she was hired by the producers to add another angle to the show, since she had some previous acting experience, according to the Huffington Post. However, this was not the case; Chrishell was hired by the Oppenheim brothers.

The New Girl Selling SunsetThe New Girl Selling Sunset
Getty Images via Dan MacMedan

She's had her real estate license since 2016; She was just new to the Oppenheim Group. Christine wasn't entirely open to welcoming Chrishell into the group, saying, "she's hard to crack... We don't know anything about her." And these two made it very clear they were not friends, on-screen at least.

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Christine Initially Liked Chrishell

While it appeared crystal-clear that Christine and Chrishell would never be friends on camera, that wasn't always the case. "From day one, obviously, the producers had certain things in mind," Christine revealed. "They wanted us to clash obviously, and at first, we didn't. We got along great."

Unexpected Friendship Selling SunsetUnexpected Friendship Selling Sunset
Instagram via @chrishell.stause

Can you even imagine a world where these two see eye-to-eye and actually enjoy one another's company? Well, that was once a reality. "I was getting to know her, and the storylines came into play," Christine added. "We thought that we were good at separating things."

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Ultimate Frenemies

"Then we realized, 'Oh s--t! This is affecting our real lives.' I never wanted to fight with her. Are you kidding? Her and I had drinks. I made her dinner. I didn't want that. That wasn't me," Christine explained. And before they knew it, the relationship that we watched on the screen became a reality.

Creating Clashes Selling SunsetCreating Clashes Selling Sunset
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

"A lot of people always notice on Instagram, like lately, I haven't tagged her on something," Chrishell recently shared. "That's because, I'm just going to be very honest with you guys, I have her blocked - and it's one of those things where I think that does come across very childish and ridiculous."

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Mary & Jason's Romantic Past

Before Selling Sunset was filmed, Jason and Mary dated for about a year, on and off. They even moved in and adopted a dog together. Neither Jason nor Mary has shared many details about their relationship on the show, they've made it clear that they have an incredible friendship, and Jason greatly respects Mary as an employee.

Mary & Jason's Past Selling SunsetMary & Jason's Past Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"We broke up but still dated. Interesting history, but it works," explained Jason. "That's probably more on me. We were good friends before, and we're much closer now," Jason added. Mary said they went through a 'transitional period' before getting to where they are today.

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Favoritism Is Real

All of the agents have expressed their frustrations about Jason's favoritism towards Mary on camera, but it turns out that this is how they feel in real life too. "Mary gets every single listing and Jason [Oppenheim] just doesn't want to do work so he just gives it to her, and it's just so frustrating," explained Christine.

Favoritism Is Real Selling SunsetFavoritism Is Real Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"He doesn't give it to anyone else. So we're all just like sick of it, and it's really, really annoying and irritating." That's why a couple of agents, including Davina and Maya, have spoken about potentially leaving the brokerage, but for now, it appears that they're not quitting The Oppenheim Group just yet.

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Jason Denies Favoritism Claims

Jason's responded to the claims of favoritism by saying, "I don't give her special treatment. When it comes to business… it's strictly a response to their production, the amount of money that they bring into the brokerage… and my level of trust in them." So clearly, he has an incredible amount of trust in Mary.

Strictly Business Selling SunsetStrictly Business Selling Sunset
Instagram via @amanzasmith

"I understand that there can be frustrations from other agents because they see that Mary is involved in and brought onto many of my listings." This season, we saw Jason finally bring Maya onto one of his new development projects, but at this point, the show has only really shown him help Mary out with listings.

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Who Makes the Most Money?

We all saw Davina struggle as she attempted to sell a $75 million property, and in the end, Jason and Brett told her to leave the listing. But in reality, Davina's actually the most profitable agent at The Oppenheim Group, and according to Online Casinos, has made a total commission of about $2,250,000.

Who Makes the Most Money Selling SunsetWho Makes the Most Money Selling Sunset
Instagram via @davinapotratz

Mary's the only other agent to have brought in over $1 million in commission; This doesn't come as much of a surprise since we see all of the listings she gets on the show. Christine and Chrishell have likely profited over $500,000, and the other agents are still working to build up their clientele.

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Christine's Creating a Lifestyle Brand

Christine's created an identity for herself as a bold individual who's never afraid to be herself, or voice her opinion. She's using her social media following and popularity from Selling Sunset to create a lifestyle brand. "I kind of started the idea because I was always labeled and I really, really don't believe in labels," she explained.

Using Labels to Make a LabelUsing Labels to Make a Label
Getty Images via Rodin Eckenroth

"It's just gonna be a fun place for people to go and a community of people who are just likeminded, diverse, inclusive individuals who just want a safe space... that just don't want to be judged," said Christine. She's still selling real estate for now, but excited about other opportunities in the future.

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How Mary Met Her Younger Man

Mary first met her now-husband, Romain, two days after he arrived from France. He used to be a pastry chef but moved to L.A. to pursue a modeling career. It just happened to work out that Mary was Romain's real estate agent, so the two spent quite a bit of time looking at homes together, and they immediately hit it off.

Mary's Younger Man Selling SunsetMary's Younger Man Selling Sunset
Instagram via @theromainbonnet

Mary's not shy about the fact that Romain is 12 years younger than her and very close in age to her son, Austin. Romain says that he and Austin have a great relationship, and he's looking forward to visiting him in Arizona sometime soon. Today, Romain's modeling and working as a project manager for The Oppenheim group.

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Mary Threatened to Have the Girl Removed from Her Wedding

After choosing not to invite Davina to her wedding because of her negative comments towards Romain, Mary went to extreme measures to prevent the girls from bringing any office drama to the wedding. "So I made it very clear to them that we'll have them escorted out if that happened," said Mary.

Best Behavior Selling SunsetBest Behavior Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"You never know when we get the cast there with all the cameras, if our families were going to feel comfortable, if there was to be some dramatic fighting with the girls." Mary was relieved to say that everyone was on their best behavior - "for the most part."

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Mary Was Actually Married Before the Show Aired

Did you know that Mary and Romain had already said "I do" long before the picture-perfect wedding we saw on camera? "Mary and Romain had a civil union a couple months before the show began filming in June 2018," said Mary's representative. "In their minds, they weren't properly married until the wedding that was filmed during the show."

Truth Behind Mary's Wedding Selling SunsetTruth Behind Mary's Wedding Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"They chose not to tell any of their friends or family, as they were still trying to see if their relationship would work out in the long term," the source added. So yes, that also means that Mary and Romain's engagement during season one and the controversy over the fake diamond that Romain bought were just an added plot twist.

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Amanza's Grand Entrance

Amanza may be the newest addition to the Selling Sunset squad, but she certainly wasn't new to the inner circle. She and Mary have been friends for years, and she'd done some interior design work for The Oppenheim group in the past. However, she didn't intend on getting wrapped up in the drama.

Amanza's Grand Entrance Selling SunsetAmanza's Grand Entrance Selling Sunset
Getty Images via Frederick M. Brown

"It was my first day of working in the office with everyone as an agent. And I was like, 'I'm joining the cast,'" explained Amanza. "'I've known most of the people for years. I'm the cool mom Amanza. No Drama.'" But little did she know, she'd butt heads with a co-worker right off the bat.

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Amanza Gave Heather a Hard Time About Her Relationship

Amanza and Heather appeared to have gotten off to a pretty rocky start, which was probably because of the conversation they had about Heather's relationship with Tarek El Moussa; Amanza gave her input about Heather meeting Tarek's kids so early in the relationship. "It terrifies me how fast you met those kids," said Amanza.

Amanza vs. Heather Selling SunsetAmanza vs. Heather Selling Sunset
Instagram via @amanzasmith

"Because when and if something doesn't work out, their hearts are crushed." Amanza later explained that the comment stemmed from her recent breakup with Taye Diggs. "I was dealing with that... my own mom guilt or whatever comes from that, and so I gave an unsolicited bit of advice, and it just came back and bit me in the butt."

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Heather's Happily Ever After

Heather absolutely loves talking about her relationship with her now fiance, Tarek, in the office, starting from the moment they first met when they were on yachts parked next to each other. However, he's never actually made an appearance on Selling Sunset, and it's not because he's camera shy.

Heather Finds Happiness Selling SunsetHeather Finds Happiness Selling Sunset
Instagram via @heatherraeyoung

Since Tarek has a contract with HGTV to film his own show, Flip or Flop, he's not allowed to appear on the Netflix show, for now at least. Heather said that if Selling Sunset comes back for season four, they may work something out, so they're able to show Tarek proposing to his future bride.

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Office Cliques

From the very first episode to now, friendships have shifted dramatically between the agents. "There's always ups and downs," said Heather. "With [Christine], like, we went from not being friends and then building a friendship. I saw a different, deeper side to Christine, and we spent some one-on-one time."

Office Cliques Selling SunsetOffice Cliques Selling Sunset
Instagram via @heatherraeyoung

As Christine and Mary drifted apart, Davina slid in and became Christine's new go-to girl. When Davina drilled Heather about calling the paparazzi on herself and talking to the press about Chrishell's divorce in season three, Heather stormed off, and now spends more time with Chrishell, Mary, and Amanza, as seen on Instagram.

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Inside Scoop of the Business

Maya's expressed her interest in potentially leaving the L.A. office to live in Miami full-time. She asked the Oppenheims about opening a Miami office, but she's also considered going to another brokerage. Maya also opened up about the business's nitty-gritty details, including how much profit each agent actually makes.

Inside Scoop Selling SunsetInside Scoop Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themayavander

"After they [The Oppenheim Group] take the cut and after you pay taxes, you have about 50 dollars left in your account," Maya revealed. "Every broker has their own split, so let's say out of the 2.5% commission you get, I will keep 60-70% and he will take the rest."

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Christine Spends $1000 On Glam

Each season, Christine has kicked her "extra" look up a notch, and revealed, "Every time I have a high ponytail, I always feel like I'm ready to stir some sh--," she said. "My glam every day if I do hair and makeup is close to $1000!" Christine revealed. "Season 1 had a certain budget. Then season 2 had a budget of love."

Glam Comes at a Cost Selling SunsetGlam Comes at a Cost Selling Sunset
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

This blonde beauty hasn't been shy about the fact that her wealthy husband supports her and has helped her increase the glam budget. "We don't really talk about money but, if I want something, I have been known to go in his wallet, take out his American Express, take a picture, send it to the salesperson."

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Chrishell's Left Heartbroken

Towards the end of season three, the spotlight was put heavily on Chrishell's shocking divorce from actor Justin Hartley, as the cast found on the internet. "I found out because he texted me that we were filed," Chrishell explained. "Forty-five minutes later, the world knew." The entire office showed their sympathy, except for one.

Chrishell's Heartbreak Selling sunsetChrishell's Heartbreak Selling sunset
Getty Images via Paul Archuleta

Davina showed no support, saying, "there are two sides to every story," appearing to be the villain. "I was trying to understand a little bit more in order to have more feelings of empathy about it," Davina later revealed. "It was a much longer conversation and it was, I think, much friendlier or softer should I say, than it appears.

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Davina Received Threats For Her Comments About Chrishell

Ever since Davina questioned Chrishell's tough childhood during season one, she hasn't exactly been everyone's cup of tea. And when she made a point to not support Chrishell through her heartbreaking divorce, some viewers of the show became so outraged, they took their thoughts about Davina to social media.

Davina's Unfavorable Opinion Selling SunsetDavina's Unfavorable Opinion Selling Sunset
Instagram via @davinapotratz

"I get death threats," said Davina. "I don't take it personally at all, but it is disheartening to see people are in such a dark place with themselves to send that to anyone. Clearly, they've never met me, they don't know me." Davina explained that she deletes the negative comments and just focuses on the important things in her life.

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Do They Even Sell Real Estate?

Throughout the three seasons of Selling Sunset, there has been a lot of speculation about the Oppenheim group. Various viewers, including Chrissy Teigen, have questioned whether or not the cast members actually sell real estate once the cameras stop rolling.

Do They Even Sell Real Estate Selling SunsetDo They Even Sell Real Estate Selling Sunset
Getty Images via David Crotty

"I look at L.A. real estate a lot and have never seen any of these people lol [neither] have our agents, who I obsessively asked," revealed Teigen. Selling Sunset certainly is not the first reality show about L.A. real estate, but for some reason, this particular series sparked a lot of doubt about the authenticity of the brokerage.

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The Girls Get Defensive

A few members of the cast were quick to respond to Teigen. "You can come to our office and visit us. We've all been in the office for years and years and known each other for almost six years," explained Heather. "Maybe because she doesn't know us doesn't mean we're not real real estate agents."

Getting Defensive Selling SunsetGetting Defensive Selling Sunset
Instagram via @heatherraeyoung

"I know a lot of agents, and if you're not a luxury condo buyer, you may not know me, but I closed and sold deals for $9 million and up," Davina added. Maya also revealed that she actually sold a house on Chrissy and John Legend's street, so she's clearly not messing around.

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The Rest of the Agents

Selling Sunset only features seven of The Oppenheim Group's agents, but there are actually 15 realtors total that work for the brokerage. This might come as a shock, since the cameras show us an office of only seven desks, making it look like the girls we know are the only employees.

The Rest of the Agents Selling SunsetThe Rest of the Agents Selling Sunset
Instagram via @gpstephan

"I saw their ads in magazines... And I thought that's the cast of a show right there," said Executive Producer, Adam DiVello. Having also worked on Laguna Beach and The Hills, DiVello knows a TV personality when he sees it, so he definitely focused on the girls with lots of pizazz.

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Brett's Leaving The Oppenheim Group

After years of working hand-in-hand, the Oppenheim twins are no longer working in the same office, as Brett left to start his own firm. Brett's focus is now on running his own business, Oppenheim Real Estate, and his name has been removed from The Oppenheim Group's website. As for where the girls stand on this?

Family Feud Selling SunsetFamily Feud Selling Sunset
Instagram via @brettoppenheim

"Brett and Jason are in a very great place now, and I think they are actually going to collaborate on some stuff," said Maya. Right now, the agents are still working for Jason at The Oppenheim Group, but some are exploring other options. "If I ever saw myself leaving, it would be to work with only women," Christine revealed.

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Jason Wasn't Prepared for the Drama

"Had I known the show would be this focused on our personal lives, I probably wouldn't have signed up for it," Jason Oppenheim told Hello Magazine. "I wanted it to be all about the nuances of real estate... But now I realize the show I envisioned wouldn't be that popular!"

Afterthoughts Selling SunsetAfterthoughts Selling Sunset
Instagram via @jasonoppenheim

Needless to say, Jason wasn't expecting to reveal details of his personal life and get roped into so much drama within the business that he's built, he was mainly looking at the series as a way to promote the brokerage. "I've come to accept the idea that I'm on more of a reality show than a real-estate show," Jason admitted.

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One Big Happy Family

"I tell people when you join The Oppenheim Group, we're a family," said Amanza. "It's a small office and you just have to kind of expect that we're all going to look out for one another, and you're going to hear advice." This passionate group has certainly had its ups and downs, but regardless, there's a lot of love in the office.

One Big Happy Family Selling SunsetOne Big Happy Family Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"It's like having a bunch of brothers and sisters, and sometimes, you give advice that maybe they don't want to hear," Amanza added. Even though Brett's no longer a part of the brokerage, there's no bad blood, and the entire cast has mutual respect for one another, for the most part, at least.

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Will Selling Sunset Have Another Season?

"I think season 4 is going to be the juiciest season ever," said Christine. There's no confirmation about season four of Selling Sunset, but the cast has hinted at it. "I feel like this year will be good because it's giving everyone a chance to cool off and, like, heal the wounds that have been going on since season 3," said Heather.

In the Future Selling SunsetIn the Future Selling Sunset
Instagram via @themaryfitzgerald

"You know Davina is a broker, Brett has left the brokerage and started his own firm. I mean, there's a lot of chess pieces waiting to be moved across the board, so I think it's going to be the most interesting season we ever will have, if it happens," Heather added. Only time will tell!

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