Unpacking the Final Season of 'How To With John Wilson'


| LAST UPDATE 07/25/2023

By Riley Hammond
John Wilson comedy documentary
How to With John Wilson (2020) HBO via IMDb

We can all agree that How To With John Wilson was as unpredictable as it was entertaining. Over the past three seasons, our beloved ringmaster, John Wilson, has been taking us on a rollercoaster ride of remarkable revelations, all starting with a simple "Hey, New Yorkers!" But now, as we buckle up for the final six-episode spectacle, it's clear that our journey has been much bigger than the Big Apple.

This isn't your regular run-of-the-mill documentary. It's more like a zigzagging zip line through America's quirkiest corners, led by Wilson's wondrously weird mind map. Sure, season 3 might have a few more cringe moments than cute ones, but it's still got plenty of creativity and chuckles. Each episode begins with a seemingly straightforward task, like finding a public bathroom or learning to work out. But before you know it, you're whisked away to giant pumpkin contests, bodybuilding competitions, and gatherings of vacuum enthusiasts. And while this season's narration doesn't quite pack the same punch as before, the interviews are some of the most memorable yet, filled with profound ponderings and intriguing insights.

John Wilson HBO documentary
How to With John Wilson (2020) HBO via IMDb
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The season was brimming with unique, unfiltered, and utterly authentic interviewees. Wilson's knack for opening up people's inner worlds simply by asking, "Can I see?" was truly impressive. As fans of the show and NYC, we can safely say it was peppered with rare and riotous snippets of New York life, from upside-down exercisers to the city’s most noteworthy bathrooms (and yes, they do show the grimy details). The best moments come when Wilson genuinely connects with his subjects, particularly those who are as open-hearted as he is.

So, if you haven't seen the final season yet, make sure you do! But prepare to be amazed, amused, and maybe a little bit astounded - this wild ride of a series leaves us with one undeniable truth: after seeing the world through Wilson's lens, you'll never look at a stranger the same way again.

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