Why Fans Are Disappointed With 'Seinfeld' on Netflix


| LAST UPDATE 10/03/2021

By Kayla Black
seinfeld netflix twitter reactions
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We've officially passed the 48-hour mark since Netflix released all nine seasons of Seinfeld, so you know what that means: Twitter has come with a storm of reactions and hot takes for us to enjoy. So let's dive into it!

netflix seinfeld fan reactions
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For long-time fans of the "show about nothing," the news of Netflix bringing all 180 episodes of Seinfeld to their streaming service was a total dream come true. And what better way to ring in the cooler months of autumn than a binge-fest of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer? Well, loads of people on Twitter couldn't have agreed more - and they decided to celebrate the October 1st release in one of social media's best formats: memes.

Seinfeld Netflix premiere
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From captioned screen grabs to GIFs, Twitter was flooded with some of the show's best moments that perfectly encapsulated the joy people felt about the show being available at their fingertips. And as far as Seinfeld memes come and go, perhaps no character was more meme-worthy than the one and only George Costanza. The hilariously pessimistic and short-fused character was a fan favorite back in the 1980s, and his comedic facial expressions have lived on in popular culture, thanks to the meme format.

From '80s fashion nostalgia to rapid dialogue, Twitter users couldn't decide what they were most excited about. But one thing was for sure: they were in for some long nights as they caught up on the sitcom. "My tv getting ready to perpetually run Netflix in the background again now that they've replaced The Office with Seinfeld," one user captioned their photo of an exhausted Popeyes worker.

netflix seinfeld ratio cropping
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But the feedback on Twitter wasn't all positive - sure, fans were over the moon with their Seinfeld marathons, but a number of viewers were pointing the finger at Netflix for their 16:9 formating ratio, which cropped out some of the show's best moments. "SO NETFLIX. YOU SPEND EIGHT SQUILLION ON SEINFELD AND THEN YOU SHOW IT IN THE WRONG RATIO," one user tweeted, with another adding, "Netflix cropping Seinfeld is the most Seinfeld thing ever." And, you know, they have a point!

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