Elon Musk Shows off Comedy Skills as the Latest SNL Host


| LAST UPDATE 05/09/2021

By Molly Houghton
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It finally happened: Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Here are the best moments from the much-anticipated (and controversial) episode.

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Musk started the night revealing a previously unknown fact about himself. "I'm actually making history tonight as the first person with Asperger's to host SNL," Elon said to a cheering crow. "Or at least the first to admit it. So I won't make a lot of eye contact with the cast tonight. But don't worry, I'm pretty good at running human in emulation mode." That was only the tip of the iceberg of his tech-filled humor, as mixing jokes about artificial intelligence and colonizing space was definitely a theme for the night.

Elon Musk SNL Host
Twitter via @nbcsnl

The business magnate then poked some more fun at himself as he made jokes about his odd humor on Twitter. "Look, I know I sometimes say or post strange things but that's just how my brain works," Elon commented. "To anyone I've offended, I just wanna say, I reinvented electric cars and I'm sending people to Mars on a rocketship. Did you think I was also gonna be a chill, normal dude?"

Musk was also joined on stage by his mom, where they shared an adorable hug. But don't take our word for it - check out the night's opening monologue for yourself above. As for Elon's other acts? Well, the Tesla founder pulled through with some of the sketch ideas he shared on Twitter earlier this month. As previously teased, Musk called himself "The Dogefather" during SNL's Weekend Update skit. The centibillionaire entrepreneur later had more loved ones acting alongside him.

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Elon's partner and baby mama, singer Grimes, made a special appearance as Princess Peach during the night's "Mario" sketch when the tech guru was dressed up as Wario. Musk then dawned a white coat for doctor role in the soap opera Gen Z Hospital, where the show's legendary cast spent about five minutes spewing as much Gen Z slang as they could. While some viewers thought Elon did a great job during his first SNL hosting experience, others were still disappointed by the series' latest hosting pick.

What did you think about the SpaceX CEO's performance?