Elon Musk Shares Hilarious Sketch Ideas as He Gets Ready to Host SNL


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2021

By Kayla Black
Elon Musk SNL controversy
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Just when we thought May 8th couldn't get more interesting, Elon Musk proved us wrong. The billionaire has sparked major controversy since it was announced he would be hosting SNL with musical guest Miley Cyrus on Saturday, May 8th. But as if that news wasn't shocking enough, the entrepreneur took to Twitter yesterday to share some... Unique brainstorming with his followers.

Elon Musk SNL twitter
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The Tesla founder has made quite a name for himself over the years for his controversial opinions, and bold takes on Twitter that some speculate are designed to rile people up. And his work is no less opinion-splitting. Musk's latest projects include a mind-controlling chip implant and the colonization of Mars, to name a few, so many were shocked this genius had the time to grace us with an SNL appearance, let alone a hosting gig. While fans of the billionaire were enthusiastic about the May 8th lineup, cast members of the long-running comedy show were less pleased.

Elon Musk SNL Sketch
Diego Donamaria/Contributor via Getty Images

SNL big names such as Andrew Dismukes, Bowen Yang, and Aidy Bryant took to social media immediately following the announcement to share their 2 cents with fans, which definitely brought more buzz to the upcoming episode. Viewers of the show are on the edge of their seats, waiting for some insight into how this week's production is progressing. Will some cast members opt out of sketches with the SpaceX founder? Will the show run as smoothly as other weeks?

Well, safe to say, Elon has proven to us he's coming to SNL with the same work ethic he brings to his many other projects. Musk took to Twitter yesterday to share some sketch ideas and brainstorm with his 52.5 million followers. Notable pitches included "Irony Man - defeats villains using the power of irony" and "Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank." And of course, how could we forget "Woke James Bond"?

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Elon Musk SNL host
Ray Tamarra/Contributor via Getty Images

Followers of his also threw in some contending ideas, including "The Dogefather," a spin on the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which has seen major success since receiving Elon's support. Love him or hate him, this week's SNL episode will surely be one to remember. We'll be ready to fill you all in post-show, so stay tuned for any updates to see "how live Saturday Night Live really is," as Musk previously said.