Deon Cole Made Us LOL As a Guest Star on TBS's Conan


| LAST UPDATE 05/21/2021

By Kayla Black
Deon Cole, Conan O'Brien
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In a recent interview on TBS's CONAN, stand-up legend Deon Cole brought major laughs as he revealed what he's been up to in recent months. And like most of us, life has thrown some twists and turns this past year. Here's what he had to say.

deon cole conan interview
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For starters, Deon's reality as a comedian was thrown for quite the loop during this year's pandemic. The star hilariously revealed that in efforts to perform safely, he attempted a couple of outdoor stand-up gigs (despite his initial hesitations). "That's how comics trick me... They got me going: 'Oh man, people are loving to be outside, they don't care what you say,'" Cole sarcastically joked. But his apprehensions were right.

conan o'brien deon cole
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As he told Conan, it simply didn't work. But despite a disapproving crowd, Deon still had jokes: "I left on a whole other name. That's what I do. Anytime I'm horrible, I be like 'I'm Trevor, goodnight everybody!'" But that's not the only hack the comedian learned from his missteps. "If your stuff work[s] in an outdoor audience, it's gonna kill inside." And from 1 hour of material, Cole ended with 2 jokes worthy of using in future gigs. But lucky for the Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts star, he might just also have a backup career in the works...

deon cole conan o'brien
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"You're a DJ now!" the host revealed of Cole's latest endeavors. However, Deon was quick to fire back: "Well, no, I'm not," the 49-year-old clarified. "I DJ... I'm not a DJ." But in Deon's eyes, it's just a hobby for now. And while it's hard to imagine the "cole hearted" comic getting stage-fright, his newfound passion led to exactly that. "Someone had to come move my hand over 'cause I was so scared," Cole jokingly recalled of his first gig.

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Safe to say, Cole has certainly kept busy during this past year and had loads of jokes to share with the rest of us. Don't go anywhere, though - we've got a feeling this is just the beginning for Deon…