Deciding Who Has the Best Memes: Marvel or DC?

Taran Underwood

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It’s one of the greatest fandom rivalries of all time. Some would actually call it the original fandom rivalry: Marvel vs DC. It’s a beef that runs deeper than anything happening on Game of Thrones and it might actually be more bitter than Thanos vs everybody. And today, we’re gonna try to settle this epic conflict on the only front that truly matters: memes. Who has the best? Who has the funniest? Is that even something to be proud of? Let’s find out.

Right up the Thanus! from r/memes

While many see memes as a purely comedic venture, our subjects in this case (Marvel fans) also use memes to communicate their theories for the biggest event in their universe yet: the end. With the impending release of Avengers: Endgame fans are asking: will Ant-Man fly up Thanos’s butt?

Captain Marvel is overrated from r/memes

It’s really the pre-occupying issue of their society, whether or not it makes any sense. Honestly, how do we know Thanos even has a butt? Maybe he poops out of his mouth? Maybe that’s why he’s so… upset all the time?

Can't wait to see this! from r/memes

Endgame theories abound, but plenty of fans are memeing their enthusiasm for a more butt-focused ending to the much beloved saga of The Avengers. And it really would give Ant-Man the credit he deserves.

is anybody home? from r/memes

“But what about Captain Marvel?” you ask. Well, it’s called a misdirect, kids. And it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d spend millions and millions of dollars on if you wanted to end one of the biggest movie franchises of all time with a buttsplosion. Okay?

Thanos #metoo from r/memes

The problem is, of course, Thanos is evil and will use whatever tools at his disposal to defeat his enemies. In a post-Me Too America this might mean a butt-ant-bomb is out of the question. Let’s keep this professional from here on out, okay guys?

Thug life Natasha! from r/memes

Marvel memes manage to be plenty self-depricating, pointing out that alternate Thanos-killing strategies are a bit… lacking. But then again, we’ve always been a little confused on what Black Widow brings to the table. A morale boost? Russian translation? Useful things, sure, but maybe not against the most powerful genocidal maniac in the universe.

No matter how much work you put into a narrative, a Marvel fan will find a problem in it, and it will get memed. Luckily (for the insurance companies) it’s possible that disappearing into a cloud of dust doesn’t actually count as a “death.”

You’ve got a lot to learn kid from r/memes

It’s also a way for the Marvel fandom to pass down its customs. Like an oral tradition, but not oral at all and only memes. How else will all the brand new kids aging into the fandom every year learn their customs?

Catch the attention of Marvel, lose an eye from r/memes

Marvel fans also express a deep appreciation for every aspect of their cinematic universe through their memes. For instance, knowing when your studios have found a good eye patch guy, and being able to appreciate that.

I'm not stupid, Marvel! from r/memes

The Marvel fandom is also excellent at processing big moments, like say, the end of Infinity War through the art of memery. It’s not only a way to express grief, but share hope for the future by pointing out: hey, they aren’t going to kill of characters that are basically blank checks.

What scenes are gonna be memes? from r/memes

Why are this fandoms memes so good? Well, they stand at the ready. Every day. They are the watchers on the wall (in this case, the wall being the movie theater), the sword in the darkness (the memers on Reddit), the shield that guards the realms of men (is it okay to do a Game of Thrones reference in the middle of a Marvel/DC off?)

If Marvel and DC could talk from r/memes

All these great Marvel memes (and also the great Marvel movies) put DC die-hards in a real awkward place. But they themselves are pretty talented when it comes to expressing themselves through the internet’s only acceptable method of communication.

This post made by the marvel gang from r/memes

And they have plenty of reasons to be upset. They are the butt of many, many jokes made by the Marvel fandom’s memes. Truthfully, we can probably blame all of this on Suicide Squad, just like all our other problems in life.

wait that's illegal from r/memes

DC’s fandom refuses to allow their faves to be left out of the conversation. Their memes are the weapon they will use to defend the honor of the good DC movies. Like Wonder Woman, which got conveniently left out of a lot of the Captain Marvel discussions. That’s kind of… suspicious, don’t you think?

Didn't see any shazam memes so I thought I would do something about it from r/memes

Just a quick reminder about the existence of Shazam! And the fact that it is, actually, a DC property. Something many may not have realized, despite the film’s extremely respectable showing at the box office. They’re trying, okay??

DC isn't taking Avengers Endgame sitting down. from r/memes

Marvel does not have a copyright on crossover events, as the passionate DC fandom would love to remind you. DC will literally bring characters out of cartoons, humanize them in a terrifying way, and give them their own stories in the DCEU. Now that’s a crossover.

I love DC Comics, but still.. from r/memes

What differentiates a DC meme is how much more self-deprecating it is. DC fans love their universe but aren’t afraid to admit when certain movies are just trash. They also aren’t afraid to abandon anyone deluded enough to disagree.

When DC Lies in Ashes from r/memes

Honestly a lot of these DC memes are acts of mourning more than fandom. It’s true that the golden age of DC might have already passed us, but who’s to say it can’t be reborn? This is the age of the reboot, after all.

Acceptance is a big part of the grieving process, and DC fans work all that out through their meme art. It’s impossible to know why studio heads and writers do what they do, but maybe it gives fans a sense of power to be able to express their frustration this way. I bet they also hit a lot of pillows.

Yeah actually, it’s possible no one will allow a DC fan to have a pillow anymore, because of their propensity for extreme pillow abuse. This theory may in fact explain why there are so many grief and anger-filled memes about the DCEU.

Still, Wonder Woman, guys! It’s a great movie with a great lead and they’re making a sequel and everything. Maybe there’s a way we can get all the DC movies to feature Wonder Woman? Or just be Wonder Woman again?

This meme sums it up incredibly nicely: while the MCU analyzes and celebrates their properties through memes, weary DC fans have turned to memes out of anger. They’re basically the Sith lords of memes now.

[OC] The fight of Marvel vs DC has always been wrong. from r/memes

But in the end, it’s all superheroes, okay? Can we at least agree on and enjoy that? The MCU and DCEU share plenty of fans. And the way things are going it might not be long until both DC and Marvel are owned by the same giant media conglomerate. So really, the biggest crossover event in history is probably still to come.

And if nothing else, fans of both franchises can fully agree: Stan Lee rocked. And when he makes his final cameo at in Avengers: Endgame, we’ll all be crying (or pretending we got something in our eye) together. The way things should be.