‘Dead to Me’ Season 3 Teases More Dark Fun


| LAST UPDATE 10/05/2022

By Lily Tipton
Dead To Me Netflix
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2+ years since Dead To Me aired its last episode of season 2, we were beginning to think we would never see a return of our favorite dark comedy series. With Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini leading the fun, we were left with numerous cliffhangers and uncertainties with the season's end. Thankfully, we won't be left hanging for much longer as season 3's release date has finally been confirmed! Until then, we're examining all the details we can get our hands on!

Back in July 2020, Netflix confirmed its plans to bring back the series for a third and final season. However, due to pandemic complications, production was put on hold until May 2021. Just under one year later, in April 2022, creator Liz Feldman announced its completion. While the episodes may have been ready for several months, the new YouTube trailer revealed it would not be released until this Fall. So what can we expect?

Christina Applegate Netflix Comedy
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If you were not one of the 30 million people to jump on board the Dead To Me train when it was first released, the show follows the friendship of Jen Harding and Judy Hale (Applegate and Cardellini). After the death of her husband, Jen meets Judy at a grief support group, and the women strike up an unlikely alliance. Things are going well until Jen discovers it was Judy who had accidentally killed her husband! When the women find themselves wrapped up in a second murder, they're bonded for life...

Although no official plot line has been released, the season's teaser trailer (seen above) promises plenty more blood, sweat, and tears of laughter! Clearly, we're picking up where we left off, with Jen and Judy waking up in the hospital after the car crash. "I know you think you're the reason all our problems started," Jen says in the voiceover. "But they existed long before we met, and I'm so glad that we met, you were the best friend I've ever known, and we survived because we had each other." We can't wait to see what chaotic adventures they get up to this season! Till then, stay tuned. 

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