Dave Chappelle Hilariously Answers Life's Burning Questions on The Tonight Show


| LAST UPDATE 05/14/2021

By Kayla Black
Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Fallon
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Some of history's greatest philosophers spent their whole lives weighing over humanity's most difficult questions. But Dave Chappelle? He proved there was no Ph.D. required to get to the truth. Sure enough, his latest appearance on The Tonight Show brought as many laughs as it did answers.

Dave Chappelle Tonight Show
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The comedian brought his typical flare on the virtual guest appearance with Jimmy Fallon. Dave had quite a number of questions thrown his way, but he had an answer for everything. And they got funnier each time. Many long-time supporters of the standup comedian know that Dave doesn't exactly keep it PG, but he guarantees laughs. Chappelle settled debates including 'small town or big city,' 'jazz or hip hop' and more.

Dave Chappelle Interview Fallon
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Hey, everyone's got an opinion, right? And man, Dave aired it all. But that doesn't come as much of a surprise. After rewatching the Dave Chappelle Show on Netflix, we got a good reminder of what the funny guy was made of. When asked whether sandals were considered shoes, Chappelle dropped a truth bomb: "If they were shoes, then the word sandals would not exist." Deep, right? And he ran with it, adding that he would "blow... minds" by time-traveling back to biblical times, rocking Timberlands.

Dave Chappelle Jimmy Fallon
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The food for thought didn't end there, though. Dave added his classic crude twist when asked which was the "best way to enjoy a concert: standing or sitting?" He responded, "if I'm at a music show, I'd rather be standing... If I'm at a strip club, I'd rather be sitting." Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't contain his laughter, as he lowered his head to his desk in hysterics. Other bits of gold included the all-too-truthful answer to "should you know your neighbors' names?" Where Chappelle responded, "Uh... I should, but I don't."

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Chappelle might have put some philosophers out of work with his latest segment on The Tonight Show. His hilarious answers to life's burning questions left viewers in stitches. But lucky for us, we've got his latest podcast, Midnight Miracle to keep us entertained.