Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage Reunite To Film a Rom-Com Commercial for Panera

Taran Underwood

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Getty Images via Ron Galella, Ltd.

It's been a while since Boy Meets World's Cory and Topanga graced our screens, but they recently reunited to film a commercial for Panera. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage teamed up to promote Panera's "Forever Flatbreads," and the video showed the pair channel some classic romantic comedy conflicts.

Fishel and Savage are faced with a tough decision; Who gets the last slice of pizza? The commercial was directed by Ben's brother, Fred Savage, and starts with Ben and Danielle running into each other inside Panera. "Things are about to heat up when two old flames discover the one thing that could pull them back together," said in a voiceover during the clip.

Cory & Topanga Panera
Getty Images via Dia Dipasupil

Next, the two former lovebirds catch up over some laughs - and pizza - until things get ugly when Savage snags the last slice. "I didn't think you'd want it," he says right Before Fishel storms off. "I wanted you to want me to want it!" Danielle replied. It looks like things certainly got heated again between these two, but don't worry, they eventually make up, as nothing can keep Cory and Topanga apart for long.

Fishel and Savage both said they were thrilled about the opportunity to work together again. "Having Fred be there, and Danielle, who I grew up with... It was such a fun experience because it really is like being with family," Savage told People. "And you don't really get those opportunities often, in this business, to work with people you've grown up with."

Cory & Topanga Panera
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The commercial will be airing just in time for Valentine's Day, which makes perfect sense because of the old flames reignited on screen. Speaking of the holiday of love, Danielle opened up about her plans for February 14th. She said she's "excited that this year, there's less of an emphasis on needing to be out and dress up, and more of an emphasis on being comfortable and cozy, whether that means celebrating by yourself or with a best friend or partner." Keep an eye out, Boy Meets World fans, because Cory and Topanga are back and better than ever!