A New Comedy Starring Justin Hartley Is Coming Our Way


| LAST UPDATE 07/09/2021

By Kayla Black
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Justin Hartley has got a new film coming our way on July 30th, and it's a total 180° from what fans have grown used to. The 44-year-old actor decided to switch things up from his typical drama and soap opera genres and nab a supporting role in The Exchange.

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The Quiver Distribution film tells the story of a geeky teenager who feels stuck in a small Canadian town. In efforts to branch out and increase his popularity, he opts for a "mail-order best friend" and signs up to host a European exchange student. Stéphane, a stereotypical French teen, arrives in the town and flips the unsuspecting high schooler's life upside down.

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The movie follows the antics that ensue in the close-minded town. Justin Hartley, who plays the local gym teacher and law enforcer, is joined by other quirky small-town characters like Sheila, the typical suburban mom. Justin's involvement has garnered quite the buzz, as the film is scripted by Tim Long, a long-time writer on The Simpsons. And directing the project is Dan Mazer, one of the geniuses behind the successful Borat films.

the exchange july release
IMDb/The Exchange via Quiver Distribution

And based on the trailer, we have already gotten a taste of the creative influences. This upcoming release brings all the foreigner fun of a Borat-like character with the small-town cringe seen in the early 2000s cult-classic Napoleon Dynamite. The production team behind the upcoming comedy did their part in providing hilarious dialogue highlighting the culture shock and lost-in-translation moments. Plus, of course, the awkward but hilarious pains of the teenage years.

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And it seemed as though Hartley thoroughly enjoyed the comedic experience. "What a pleasure it was working with this cast of characters," the former The Young and the Restless star wrote on his Instagram post. "Excited for you all to see!" The film will be released at the end of July and joins a long list of comedy releases coming our way this summer. Be sure to check back with us soon - we'll be keeping you posted on all the funniest releases coming to the big and small screens.