Netflix Comedy 'On My Block' Announces Spin-Off


| LAST UPDATE 10/08/2021

By Kayla Black
freeridge new netflix show
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It's been three great years of television thanks to the Netflix dramedy On My Block. The program has released its fourth and final season on the streaming platform. But for long-time lovers of the show, don't fret. It's not so much of a "goodbye," but more like a "see you later."

new netflix show freeridge
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For the past four seasons, viewers have joined the foursome of Los Angeles teens as they experienced the ups and downs of adolescence in their roughneck of the woods. From hidden treasures to gang activity, Monsé, Ruben, Jamal, and Cesar have tackled pretty much everything that's been thrown their way since first coming to our screens, but the time has come to say goodbye.

on my block finale
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The fourth and final season of the coming-of-age teen comedy was released to the Netflix platform and wrapped up the show that left many fans wanting more. After a tearful ending, many viewers weren't done hearing the stories from these fictional teens. But luckily, something new is in store.

As many say, "when one door closes, another one opens." And this couldn't be more accurate for the creative team behind On My Block. As the episodes aired and the cast said their farewell to the life-changing roles, fans of the four-season series got to rejoice in the fact that a brand new story was on its way to the Netflix platform. That's right: a new teen dramedy is coming our way from the geniuses that brought us On My Block. And while we don't know much about the spinoff, we have more than enough info to get us excited.

on my block spinoff
Gregg DeGuire / Stringer via Getty Images

The spinoff, named Freeridge, was announced back on September 27th, just a week before the series finale of On My Block dropped. The storyline is set to follow a brand new group of young teens as they maneuver their way around their suburban Los Angeles neighborhood and experience the trials and tribulations of teenagehood in the same fictional neighborhood as their predecessors.

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With no release date or cast list, you can consider our interests piqued. Be sure to check back soon for more updates on Netflix comedies coming our way.