Comedy Central will Revisit the Top 100 Celebrity Roasts


| LAST UPDATE 09/02/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Nikki Glaser, Comedy, Roast
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Remember when we watched Justin Bieber get torn apart on a stage in front of hundreds? Or the time Alec Baldwin’s slightly short temper was happily brought to our attention? Yep, Comedy Central‘s roasts will live on forever. And lucky for us, we’ll be able to relive them all over again very soon…

Justin Bieber, Comedy Central
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That's right, go ahead and clear your calendars. Starting March 29th, the legendary annual tradition will be headed back to our screens. Only this time around, the Comedy Central special will be doing things a little differently.

Bob Saget, Comedy, Roast
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Titled Hall of Flame: Top 100 Roast MomentsComedy Central’s five-night special will be revisiting the funniest roasts from throughout the years. Or should we say, the best burns (see what we did there?). And with comedian Nikki Glaser set to host, we’ve got a feeling we’re in for a real treat.

Nikki Glaser, Comedy Central
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But that's not where the fun ends. In addition to a trip down memory lane, the special event will feature more famous faces than the ones turning red on stage. From comedians to actors, the Hall of Flame is set to incorporate commentary from other big-names in Hollywood.

Comedy Central, Roast, Celebrity
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Comedy Central

As for who, exactly will be laughing along with us to our favorite jabs in Comedy Central history? Stars like Carly Aquilino, Joel Kim Booster, and Foodgod (Jonathan Cheban) are set to grace our screens when the time finally comes. Are you excited as we are?

Comedy Central, Roast, Celebrity
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But perhaps our favorite stars don't quite share the same excitement we do. In fact, "it's gonna burn, good," as Nikki Glaser teased of the upcoming event. And suddenly March 29th can't come sooner.

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Nikki Glaser, Comedy Central
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Comedy Central

We can't wait to see what tricks Nikki and her famous commentators have up their sleeves for the rest of us. And though Biebs and Baldwin might not be tuning in on the big day, you can bet we'll be here waiting patiently.

Until then, be sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates!