Hilarious Rising Comedians to Check Out in 2021

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There's no denying that even a moment of comedic relief can turn a day around. But why settle for a moment when you could have a whole special? After making their worldly debuts on Instagram and other social media platforms, these budding comedians are the names we need to be looking out for in 2021.

Chloe Fineman

First is the hilarious actress and comedian Chloe Fineman. She has become Instagram-famous for her amazing impressionist ability; some even featured Carol Baskin. She has already appeared alongside Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show! To see the stage action we can look forward to, check out her Insta, @chloeiscrazy.

Elsa Majimbo

Budding comedian Elsa Majimbo is only 19, but when it comes to making light of real talk, she hits the nail on the head every time! Last year, she made a series of hysterical videos that were high-energy and revolved around hot topics. Thanks to her hot start in the industry and social media presence, 2021 could be her year!

Nabil Abdulrashid

You may have heard this name come in 4th on Britain's Got Talent last year: Nabil Abdulrashid. At 25-years-old, he became the youngest black stand-up comedian to perform at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Since then, he's taken over many stages. And this year, he's embarking on his biggest tour yet!

Jordan Firstman

Another hilarious impressionist is Jordan Firstman. He's a comic and a writer for many shows, including Search Party, The Other Two, and Big Mouth. His Instagram is chock-full of skits, jokes, and knee-slapper impressions. With many accomplishments already under his belt, he's expected to soar this year!

Janine Harouni

Janine Harouni, You may recognize her name from Comedy Central, NPR, BBC Three, or BBC Radio Four; but, if you're hearing it for the first time, [cough] you're welcome! This witty woman topped comedy charts with her debut show 'Stand Up with Janine Harouni (Please Remain Seated).'

She must be doing something right because The New York Times deemed Harouni "Ready for her Netflix Special," according to the comedian's website. While we await the arrival of her special, along with skits and sketches for the rest of these up-and-coming comics, does anyone have a knock-knock joke to share?

Maisie Adam

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When you're the winner of a show called, So You Think You're Funny, you've got to know how to crack a joke or two. Sure enough, Maisie Adam does. Ever since scoring first place in the annual competition, the comedian has continued to get her name out there, one joke at a time. From her very own podcast to TV appearances, we'd keep an eye out for the rising star.

Marcella Arguello

Much like Maisie, our next rising comedian is well on her way to becoming a comedic giant - literally. Standing at over six feet tall, Los Angeles funny lady Marcella Arguello has both the memorable looks and charisma to match. And we're not alone on that one. The up-and-coming star has already written for Drop The Mic and appeared on shows like Seeso's The UCB Show.

Jenny Zigrino

jenny zigrino new comedians
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Our next comedian is the total package. She's got the charm of the Midwest and the brutal honesty of the East Coast. And it hasn't gone unnoticed. Jenny Zigrino's hilariously embarrassing anecdotes have won over audiences across the country - but she's just getting started. From her time on Conan O'Brien to Comedy Central's "Up Next" Comics to Watch, we'd learn her name if we were you.

Jo Firestone

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Like Jenny Zigrino, you're bound to leave Jo Firestone's shows with a massive smile on your face. The larger-than-life comedian knows how to keep viewers entertained, and it's landed her on some pretty impressive stages. The rising comedian has not only guest-starred on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon but was also named "New Face" at the Just for Laughs Festival. 

Alex Hooper

We should warn you: our next funny guy isn't for everyone. But that's exactly what makes Alex Hooper so hilarious. From his dark humor to his contagious energy, all odds are off when it comes to the professional roaster. In fact, there's a good chance you already caught him getting into trouble on season 13 of AGT. Check out the clip below and prepare for some brutal burns...

Daliso Chaponda

While our next comedian also found himself on a talent show, his time in front of the judges ended very differently. Back in 2017, as Daliso Chaponda took Britain's Got Talent stage, the Zambian funny guy was deemed an instant sensation. And with good reason - he believes laughter is the best medicine. And judging from his viral performance below? We'd say he's certainly got the cure.

Caitlin Gill

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Caitlin Gill is living out her dream: "I want to tell weird jokes to strangers in dark rooms," as she put it. Safe to say, the rising comedian - labeled TimeOut LA's 2018 Comics to Watch - has gone on to do just that. You can catch her each week at Hollywood's Improv Lab, hosting Crabapples with Bobcat Goldthwait. And yes, it's exactly as entertaining as it sounds.

Joe Devito

Joe Devito's on-stage presence is almost as big as that Italian-American family of his he's always joking about. Perhaps that's why the comedian's already made hundreds of TV debuts, including Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. As Stage Time Magazine put it, he's simply "one of the NYC scene's most promising rising stars." Have a look below to join in on the fun for yourself...

Nore Davis

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Whoever said stay in school clearly wasn't talking about our next funny guy. While Nore Davis might be a "college man," as he himself put it, he'll be the first to tell ya that college is a scam. In fact, that's the exact name of his comedy album. From his hilariously relatable self to his animated persona, the Brooklyn native gets an A+ when it comes to keeping things fun.

Gina Brillon

Like Nore Davis, our next comedian's time on stage is one for the books - literally. Meet Gina Brillon, a.k.a the very first Latina winner of NBC's Stand up for Diversity Showcase. And once you catch her AGT skit, you'll understand why. Since 17 years old, the Bronx funny lady has been making people laugh - and with a personality as big as hers? She won't be stopping anytime soon.

Joel Kim Booster

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As an adopted gay Asian raised in Chicago, Joel Kim Booster also knows what it's like to stand out from the crowd. In fact, it's the comedian's individuality that actually landed him a spot on our list. The self-deprecating funny guy certainly knows how to keep things light. And it's already won over the hearts of many, including Conan O'Brien and James Corden. Keep your eyes peeled: He's just getting started.

Alex Edelman

When Alex Edelman grew up 5 minutes away from Conan O'Brien, he had no idea he'd one day find his way onto his idol's late-night stage. Sure enough, today, the comedian has been featured on the show more times than we can count. And having won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer, we're expecting big things from the witty New Yorker.

Steve Gillespie

But Alex fangirling over Conan isn't the only relatable moment on our list. Look no further than Steve Gillespie, who'll have no problem keeping it real. "We're all using like one of ten Netflix logins," the comedian joked. "If you have your own Netflix login, you're the Illuminati." But his Netflix and Chills aren't the only things worth noting. From performing on FOX to peaking #1 on iTunes, we'd learn his name if we were you.

Ayo Edebiri

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While her face might not ring a bell, we've got a pretty good feeling her voice will. Meet Ayo Edebiri - otherwise known as the voice behind Big Mouth's "Missy." Yep. Back in 2020, the rising star replaced Jenny Slate as everyone's favorite goody-good. And at just 25 years old, we've got a feeling this is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for her in the upcoming comedy, How It Ends.

Natalie Palamides

Just like Ayo, Natalie Palamides dominated our Netflix screens back in 2020 - only she looked slightly different doing so. The rising comedian starred in her very own comedy special, Nate: A One Man Show. But the hour-long gem - produced by Amy Poehler, btw - was like nothing we've ever seen before. Let's just say, the raunchy piece will make you cry and laugh at the same time. Check it out for yourself below.

Mo Amer

While Mo Amer also scored himself his own special, the comedian's journey on our Netflix screens opted for a different path. Titled Mo Amer: The Vagabond, the funny guy's gig opened the lid on his life as a refugee and the endless adventures it's called for. Clearly, he did something right because Amer's set to star alongside Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson in the upcoming film, Black Adam. Stay tuned.

Emily Heller

Still haven't heard of Emily Heller? Allow us to help you out here. The "extremely good comedian," as her official website states, might be relatively new to the scene, but she's just getting started. From her time with Conan O'Brien to her "a Comic to Watch" title by both Variety and Comedy Central, she's destined to be the next big thing. Still not convinced? Watch her do her thing below…

Jesus Trejo

As an only child to immigrant parents, Jesus Trejo has always seen things through a different lens. In fact, you probably heard him rehashing one of his hilarious childhood tales on shows like Sullivan & Son or Adam Devine's House Party. If not? Don't worry, there's more where that came from. From his gigs at The Comedy Store to a stand-up special, Jesus is one of the fastest-rising names in the comedy scene. Learn it.

Lane Moore

Lane moore, new comedians
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Looking to rehash "the absurdity of everyday life, with just the right touch of self-deprecation?" We've got you covered. As Variety perfectly summed it up, Lane Moore's humor is as ridiculous as it comes - and people simply can't get enough of it. From her very own stand-up series highlighting her love life (or lack thereof) to an upcoming comedy tour, it's no surprise this funny lady was labeled "ingenious" by the NYTimes.

Rory Scovel

It may have been his first, but trust us it won't be his last: Up next, we're talking about Rory Scovel and his first-ever stand-up special, appropriately titled Tried Stand-Up For The First Time. Whether you've caught the TV gem or not, you'll be seeing lots of him soon enough. Check out the comedian's latest adventure, Live Without Fear, below.