Clear Your Schedules Because Netflix Has Some Exciting New Uploads This September!

Scarlett Adler

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If you're like us, there's a good chance you've already watched more reruns of Friends than you'd like to admit. Not that we're judging, of course. Lucky for you, though, your Netflix-and-chills are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Friends, Netflix
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This week, the streaming service announced they'll be upgrading our Saturday nights in with an entirely new list of series to choose from for our binge-watching pleasures. Here's what you won't want to miss...

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"Go Home, Roger!" Yes, you heard us right: our favorite troublemaking twins will be returning to our screens starting Tuesday, September 1st, and we've never been more excited.

Each and every episode of Sister, Sister will be picked up by Netflix, which means we can officially prepare to take a step back into the 90s. Go grab the Dunkaroos and Baby Bottle Pops, we'll be waiting.

Sister, Sister, Netflix
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What else will be heading to our screens? If you're looking to pass on the nostalgia, you can skip right past those 90s sitcoms and head straight towards Netflix's newest series, Away.

Away, Netflix
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In fact, something tells me you won't want to miss it. That is, if you'd like to follow Hilary Swank, or 'Emma Green,' on a daring mission to Mars in the latest action-packed adventure. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until Friday to tag along on that journey.

As for the rest of Netflix's arrivals? From James Bond to Danny Zuko, I'd go stock up on the popcorn, if I were you. Just please, don't forget, silence is still very much golden.