Chris Pine Marks Directional Debut in Upcoming Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 02/13/2022

By Conner Goodman
chris pine poolman comedy
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images

Chris Pine will be stepping into the role of 'director' for his upcoming film, Poolman. But that won't be his only job on set: the actor will also be starring in the mystery-comedy alongside Oscar nominees, Danny Devito and Annette Bening. Here's everything you need to know about his latest adventure.

For starters, Pine will be accompanied by Ian Gotler and Stacey Sher - the director behind Django Unchained. The actor will also be co-directing with Patty Jenkins, whom he previously worked with on Wonder WomanPoolman, which was teased as "Big Lebowski meets LA film noir with a healthy splash of La La Land," will be a comedy-mystery, which Pine also co-wrote with Gotler! Deadline described it as, "A hapless dreamer and would-be philosopher (Darren Barrenman)... spends his days looking after the pool of the Tahitian Tiki apartment block in sunny Los Angeles and crashing city council meetings with his neighbors Jack (Devito) and Diane (Bening)."

danny devito comedy poolman
Michael Tran / Contributor via Getty Images
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Based on reports from Deadline, Barrenman eventually finds himself in a disagreement, which leads him to make "uneasy alliances with a beautiful and connected femme fatale while following every lead he can with corrupt city officials, burned out Hollywood types, and mysterious benefactors – all in the name of protecting his precious Los Angeles." Through his conflicts, Pine will run into, "the greatest water heist in L.A. history since Chinatown." The comedy is also set to feature "fun cameos and supporting casts."

Poolman isn't the only project the Star Trek star has been working on. Later this year, in April, his military thriller, The Contractor, will be released. Other stars you can expect to see in this movie include Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs, and Kiefer Sutherland. But it seems like Pines has been quite busy these days as the actor has yet another movie hitting theaters, Don't Worry Darling, this September (as seen in the trailer above). With three new movies, a script to co-write, and his first-ever directional role, it looks like Pines has a lot on his plate. And we can't wait to see the finished projects for ourselves! Until then, stay tuned.

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