A Look at Chris Pine’s Latest Comedy, ‘Doula’


| LAST UPDATE 04/25/2022

By Arianna Morgan
chris pine comedy doula
Marianna Massey / Stringer via Getty Images

Time to add producer to this A-lister's resume! Acting legend, Chris Pine, has taken a seat behind the camera for a change in the upcoming comedy, Doula, starring Troian Bellisario and Arron Shiver. So, when did this Hollywood hunk go from starring in Star Trek to making his producing debut?! Here's what to know.

Doula is Chris Pine's latest feature film under his new production company Barry Linen Motion Pictures! However, the newly founded production company has already released the film, All the Old Knives, in addition to the documentary short, My Heroes Are Cowboys. Co-founded with business partner Ian Gotler, the two have joined forces with Vacation Theory and Universal Pictures Content Group in producing their latest film under the Barry Linen name, Doula.

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Set to be released on June 20 for audiences everywhere, the Seattle International Film Festival recently hosted the world premiere of Doula on April 20. The comedy, directed By Cheryl Nicholas, follows a newly pregnant Deb, played by Troian Bellisario, and her boyfriend Silvio (Aaron Shiver) on their wild pregnancy adventures. The couple decide to explore alternative birth methods and, in doing so, hire a midwife named Penka, who unexpectedly dies, leaving the couple with no midwife and in an urgent rush for a plan B. Silvio decides to hire Penka's son Sascha (Will Greenberg) to take on the role. After Sascha moves in, he and Deb become a little too close for Silvio's preferences and, in response, begin to take over Deb's pregnancy. After one too many arguments, Deb is forced to make a tough decision that could affect everyone's future.

Chris Pine Movie Doula
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Although Pine won't star in the film, he said, "Making Doula was a dream come true. It's written by one of our best friends, directed by one of our best friends, starring a bunch of our best friends. The film was a ton of fun to make, and we hope audiences see that when they're watching it." Fellow producer Ian Gotler added, "[t]he moment we read Arron's script, we knew we had something special. Troian, Arron, Will, and the entire cast have done an amazing job bringing both humor and heart to the subject of modern pregnancy." So folks, make sure to catch our favorite heartbreaker's film when it hits theaters this summer. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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