Here's Why Chelsea Handler Is Ready For Another Talk Show


| LAST UPDATE 06/04/2021

By Molly Houghton
Chelsea Handler Talk Show
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Remember the good ol' days when Chelsea Handler graced our TV screens and cracked us up with her naughty humor on Chelsea Lately? Yeah, we miss it, too. But lucky for us, the comedic icon is ready for a comeback.

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Just as one talk show queen ends her reign (we're talking about you, Ellen), another might be taking the crown once more. "I could see myself coming back to [a talk show] now, now that I've had enough space from it, and I'm getting to do the projects that I really want to do, projects with meaning," Chelsea Handler told Story + Rain. "I think I'd have a much clearer vision for how I'd want to proceed with a show like that. It will probably happen at some point."

Chelsea Handler New Show
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In case you need a refresher, Chelsea Lately aired on E! from 2007 to 2014. Late-night television hasn't been the same since. "I was just burned out on celebrities for a while because it was all I did. And I felt like I had so much more to share and so much more to learn," Handler explained of her decision to leave the show. As for what a new talk show would cover? Well, a better question might be what it won't cover.

Chelsea ready new show
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The iconic comedian has plenty of newfound interests to share with us. "I'm very interested in death," Chelsea said. "I'm very interested in parenting." That's right; the 46-year-old might be child-free herself, but that doesn't mean she is opinion-free. "I have a lot to say on parenting because I have an objective look at all sorts of different kinds of parenting, and I know what's up," Handler explained.

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Dear Chelsea Handler Podcast
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"As a single person who chose not to contribute to all of the children in the world, I think I have something to say on the subject," she added. "I'm going to do something big with parenting because I am ready to." But more risky topics than child-rearing aren't off the table. The funny gal is also open to "anything involving experiences I haven't had. All sorts of drugs." Well, Chelsea's certainly caught our attention. We'll make sure to keep you in the loop if this dream ever comes to fruition. Until then, you can catch us listening to Dear Chelsea.