Charlize Theron Celebrates as Film Smashes Netflix Records

Taran Underwood

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On the 10th of July, the thriller The Old Guard, featuring Charlize Theron was released on Netflix and became an instant hit. After just a few days, it landed a spot in Netflix's top 10 most popular movies. Of course, Theron along with the rest of the crew, were excited about the films success.

Charlize Theron The Old Guard
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On the 17th of July, Netflix tweeted: “The Old Guard is breaking records! The Charlize Theron blockbuster is already among the top 10 most popular Netflix films ever – and Gina Prince-Bythewood is the first Black female director on the list. The film is currently on track to reach 72M households in its first 4 weeks!"

Theron hinted that she would be celebrating the film's success with a bottle of booze, by sharing a meme of herself downing some vodka. The caption read "Friday night," alongside a photo of her character lying dead and covered in blood with the caption “Monday morning."

Charlize Theron The Old Guard
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The talented actress certainly has a sense of humor, as she captioned the post: “I feel this.”

The film has received an overwhelming amount of impressive reviews. Including The Independent's critic, Clarisse Loughrey, who awarded the movie with four stars! She wrote that it is “mature and sincere” and “offers a welcome twist on the superhero film."

Charlize Theron The Old Guard
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Gina Prince-Bythewood, the director of the film, adapted the story from the novel, The Old Guard by Greg Rucka. If you haven't seen the film just yet, be sure to let us know what you think!