Inside Catherine Tate's Latest Comedy Series


| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Catherine Tate Comedy Series
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Recently, the hilarious Catherine Tate returned to our screens in her newest comedy sketch show, Hard Cell. The Netflix series focuses on a fictional female prison; HMP Woldsley and Tate play multiple characters in the series. The English actress, comedian, and writer is sure to turn heads with her witty comedic writing - so let's dive in to see what you can expect...

Hard Cell is Tate's latest venture into the comedic world as a writer, creator, and actress in the comedic series. The documentary-style comedy follows the lives of a few characters serving time in prison, with Tate being quite a few of them. Audiences will see Tate playing multiple characters, from Governor Laura Willis, who believes all creativity leads to all rehabilitation, to Irish inmate Ros and Big Viv, the harsh and unpredictable inmate. So there's definitely a lot of variety here! The show focuses on a six-week period in prison where the inmates develop and rehearse a musical directed by Cheryl Fergison, famously known for her role in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. The trailer, which dropped last month, shows Big Viv getting excited for the upcoming prison festivities saying, "I'm a natural born entertainer. I'm also incredibly violent, and singing is my happy place." Together the unique group of women comes together to grow individually while simultaneously strengthening their relationships with each other. The actress was also joined by Donna Preston, Lorna Brown, Peter Singh, and more hysterically brilliant actors in the upcoming series.

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Catchphrase queen Catherine Tate is best known for her self-named BBC sketch comedy series, The Catherine Tate Show, The Nan Movie, and her ongoing role in the hit series, The Office. The International Emmy Award nominee brings forth her heart and soul with this one, fully committing to the personalities of each and every one of her characters while encapsulating the intricacies of the penal system with a hilarious twist.

Catherine Tate Comedy Series
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The six-part series will be available for audiences everywhere on Netflix beginning on April 12. Until then, we'll make sure to have our popcorn ready. Stay tuned.

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