Carey Mulligan Makes 'SNL' Hosting Debut Before Husband Hilariously Crashes Her Monologue


| LAST UPDATE 07/18/2021

By Eliott Tanner
Carey Mulligan SNL Debut
Dia Dipasupil via Getty Images

35-year-old Carey Mulligan hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this past weekend, debuting her charismatic skills on the popular comedy show. The actress began her monologue joking about how people often get her and Michelle Williams mixed up. She also gave viewers a glimpse into her life during the lockdown in 2020. 

"I've spent the last year quarantining in the English countryside with my husband and my two small children, which is the beginning of most horror movies," Mulligan jokingly told the crowd. "So it's very exciting to be where shops are open. I've never thought I'd say this but walking into the Banana Republic was a magical experience. A big day for me." The comedian then started talking about how she coped with her lack of work during the lockdown, saying that she "channeled" her dramatic energy into bedtime stories for her kids. "Lots of recently divorced dragons and unicorns with secret pill habits," Mulligan said, making the crowd laugh. "So I'm excited to be here tonight to let some of that energy out."

Carey Mulligan SNL Host
Rich Polk via Getty Images

Her husband, Marcus Mumford, also seemed to make the most out of their new location, having appeared three times as a musical guest on the show. "He couldn't be tonight, so he's at home watching the children, so hi babe. Love you," Mulligan shared. Then, when nobody expected it, Mumford jumped right out of the audience, surprising Carey and the crowd alike.

Mulligan Mumford SNL monologue
Comic Relief via Getty Images

"What a surprise! Hello, lovely to see you. Where are the kids?" Mulligan asked, having a hint of worry on her face. "I left them with the Sons. Couldn't miss this for the world. You're gonna smash it, really. SNL, this is amazing!" Mumford reassured her. "Just be sure to soak it in because after it's over, you're gonna think about it all the time, like all the time." It's safe to say that the show went on, and Mulligan seemed to have had a blast.

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The SNL hosting debut wasn't the only thing Mulligan celebrated lately. The actress also added an Oscar nomination for best actress in a leading role in Promising Young Woman to her repertoire. The award show will air later this month; We're crossing our fingers for you, Carey!