With Camila Cabello Aboard, 'Carpool Karaoke' Is Back!


| LAST UPDATE 04/22/2022

By Lily Tipton
James, Corden, Carpool, Karaoke
Joe Scarnici via Getty Images for Jaguar Land Rover

After a two-year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, the hilariously entertaining Carpool Karaoke is back and better than ever! Will we ever get bored of watching James Corden driving around with our favorite artists in the front seat, singing their songs together like no-ones watching? We don't think so. After a brilliant first episode on April 6 with Nicki Minaj, the next on April 18 featured Camila Cabello in the front seat! Within minutes, James was up to his usual ways, dancing and singing in style to Camila's hit songs like Havana and Bam Bam. Then he got to the good stuff, prodding the singer for all the juicy deets about her ever-so-glamorous and newly single life.

There to promote her latest album, Familia, it's hard to remember there was once a time when Camila Cabello wasn't one of the biggest singers on the planet. But yes, she rose to fame after auditioning for the US X Factor back in 2012, when she was put together in a girl group named Fifth Harmony. Questioned by James on her reasoning for auditioning, she hilariously explained that her love for One Direction was to blame. "I was 15, I was a huge One Direction fan, and I was like The Voice, (or) X Factor, and I was like, well, One Direction will be at X Factor, I don't know if they'll be at The Voice."

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And it seemed Camila had her sights set on one band member in particular. "This is really embarrassing, and I can obviously only say this because it was ten years ago, but I was literally like, I'm auditioning for X Factor because I'll marry Harry Styles!" TBH, we would have done the same.

Camila, Cabello, Carpool, Karaoke
Rodrigo Varela via Getty Images

The Carpool Karaoke host then took things to the next level with his infamous lie detector test, probing Camila to reveal all her secrets. In reference to her latest collab with Ed Sheeren, he tested the singer's loyalty and asked her whose music she preferred, Ed's or Harry's. Next, he investigated if she had slid into anyone famous' DM's or vice versa, to which the Lie Detector picked up some, um inconsistencies! Check out the hilarious clip now on YouTube.

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