The Cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Say Bye to the Hit Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 09/19/2021

By Kayla Black
brooklyn nine nine finale
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It's been 8 great years of heists, Jimmy Jab Games, and overall Brooklyn Nine-Nine goodness. But it all came to an end on September 16th. The Fox-turned NBC program was one of America's most beloved comedies and will be missed by many - including the show's cast.

brooklyn 99 series finale
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It seemed as though the cast members were equally as emotional as fans were to say goodbye 8 seasons later. And they took to their social media platforms to share their thoughts on the show finally coming to an end. From Andre Braugher to Melissa Fumero, here's what they had to say. Unlike her fictional character, Stephanie Beatriz was feeling emotional saying bye to the 99th Precinct. "I haven't quite processed the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine," the actress confessed. "I developed a character, laughed thousands of times, and made friends for life."

It was clear that the love was also felt by Melissa Fumero, who took to her Instagram page to share some thoughts. "I will never forget this job and what it has meant for me personally and professionally," the actress reflected. "You made me a better actor and a better person in so many ways. I'm so proud of what we made together." But, of course, it wouldn't be Brooklyn Nine-Nine without a bit of riddle solving. And besides ending the series on a heist note, the cast and crew also planted "a million Easter eggs" for fans to look for. "[The finale] was made with a lot of love, and laughter, and joy, and tears," Melissa continued.

Of course, then there was Andre Braugher, who was just as emotional as his castmates were. "What can I say?" the actor revealed on Twitter. "Words cannot express how much you all mean to me and how proud I am that #Brooklyn99 means so much to all of you. It's been nothing but a pleasure, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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brooklyn nine nine cast
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Are you as emotional as we are? Nine-nine forever! Make sure to check out the hilarious final episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for yourself here. And on that note, excuse us while we go reach for the Kleenex.