Bob Odenkirk Shows off Some Bumps and Bruises as His 'Nobody' Character on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Bob Odenkird Jimmy Kimmel
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Plenty of actors do whatever it takes to fully embrace their characters, but Bob Odenkirk truly took this to another level during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. His wardrobe on the show was far from ordinary, as he limped on stage with crutches, a sling on his arm, and countless bruises on his face. Now that's what we call some serious method acting!

As soon as the cameras started rolling, Odenkirk explained why he was so banged up. "No. 1 in the country, everyone! Eighty-one percent on rotten tomatoes!" the actor exclaimed. Evidently, Odenkirk was portraying his character, Hutch Mansell, from his latest film, Nobody. "Did you see the movie? I got knocked around," he told Kimmel. "I broke a bone, and I got a concussion in the front of my head and two in the back."

"I got a kidney out, and I lose my pelvis," Bob joked. "I wasn't using it. A couple of teeth [were lost]." But that wasn't all that Nobody's Hutch Mansell had to say. "I did all my own fighting. That's the way, right? They told me I had to do it!" he continued. "Because I don't believe in that CGI crap. Nobody likes CGI."

Bob Odenkirk Jimmy Kimmel
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In case you haven't seen Odenkirk's film just yet, he stars as a suburban father who fails to protect his family when two thieves break into his home one night. Therefore, he's filled with rage, which leads to immense violence. The actor revealed that the film was inspired by his own life, as his home was burglarized on two separate occasions. "I think most people watching this movie will not realize the level of autobiography there is in it," Odenkirk shared. "I had two home break-ins in Los Angeles. One was particularly traumatic."

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Odenkirk, Bruised, Jimmy Kimmel
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"Just a typical dad scenario. What do you do?" he continued. "I grabbed the baseball bat; In the movie, I grab a gold club... Nobody is very related to my actual experience of having someone in the house." Thankfully, Odenkirk and his family were unharmed, and as for today? Well, it looks like the hilarious actor's truly embraced his Nobody character, as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he definitely gave us a good laugh!