Big News, Ricky Gervais Fans!

Scarlett Adler

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Your days of moping are about to be behind you. You see, if you're like me, you're probably still recovering from the devastating news that After Life is returning for its third and final season - and I get it. But worry not, because we're about to be getting a whole lot more of the show's hilarious funny man!

"I've got an idea for my next thing, which Netflix has already said they want, and I haven't written it yet. I've told them the idea," Gervais revealed to LADbible. Well, what exactly can we expect?

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Well, for starters, this mysterious 'idea' of his, is none other than another exciting Netflix series. Unfortunately, that's about all we know in regards to the upcoming project.

So, while we wait for yet another comedic gem from the famous Brit, allow us to fill you in on what you can expect from the upcoming After Life installment.

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"There are so many strong characters. I'd say there are six characters that could have their own sitcom; that could be the lead in a sitcom. Even the place is a character, I think," Gervais revealed to Deadline. Safe to say, we couldn't agree more!

That being said, until we're graced with more details, be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest updates.