13 Best Stand Up Comedy Specials Running On Netflix

Taran Underwood

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The past year has certainly given the comedy world a lot of new material, and thanks to our favorite streaming site, you can reap the benefits right from your own couch. Here are 13 of the best stand-up comedy specials that are currently running on Netflix

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

June 19, 2018

Planned initially as Hannah Gadsby's final stand-up show, Nanette was a roaring success that propelled the hilarious Australian native into the spotlight. The comedy special is widely regarded as funny yet socially relevant. The comedian has received wide critical acclaim ever since debuting the comedy specials on Netflix, as her stand-up focused on many talked about topics.

Gadsby Netflix Comedy Specials
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From talking about queer issues to the comedian's non-binary conformation, raising LGBTQ+ and gender awareness were some of the main goals, but with a whole lot of humor of course. Still, the way she did it was very unexpected. Apparently, Nanette is best understood if you watch it without knowing too much, so we won't spoil it any further.

Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It?

July 30, 2019

"Generalizing about men and women paid for my house" is a phrase that Cummings has used quite a few times in the past, but her Netflix Special Can I Touch It? took that to a whole new level. While her stand-up act may echo all her past work, the comedian added a new layer of "self-reflection" to the mix.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The second half of the show is where things get real. Whitney, seemingly out of nowhere, took out a custom-built "sex robot" that looked just like her. That happened just before she started talking about how human-robot interactions will be at the forefront of the "next feminist movement."

Rhys Nicholson: Live at the Athenaeum

December 20, 2020 

You can bet that Rhys Nicholson is the perfect go-to for a giggle. And that's exactly what you'll get while watching Live at the Athenaeum. The stand-up show involved a lot of self-deprecating humor about the comedian, making it practically impossible not to laugh. Like saying that the only way he'll ever attend a house party is if someone there will be so "wrong" that they'll make him feel better about himself.

Rhys standup comedy Netflix
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Rhys Nicholson managed to cover countless unrelated topics, from horse tranquilizers and angry letters from viewers, to more serious subjects like his mental health and gender struggles. But don't fret; He did it in his signature style which made it, according to his fans, totally hilarious. But don't take our word for it, go see for yourselves.

Brian Regan: On the Rocks

February 23, 2021

Brian Regan gave Netflix his second comedy special when On the Rocks premiered. It almost seemed like the world was thirsty for more of his trademark style of clean jokes and "dad humor." The show was actually filmed outside thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but it looks like that didn't impact the quality of the act at all.

He began the show by talking about all the attention his gray hair has received, giving it the spotlight it deserved. After talking about aging ever so gracefully, the comic went on to discuss his struggle with OCD. But all in good fun, of course. Regan has quite a long history with well-known comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and they share a similar spirit. So to any Seinfeld fans, be sure to check out this special!

Marc Maron: End Times Fun

March 10, 2020

Marc Maron might be best known for his signature pessimistic attitude towards everything and his accompanying dark humor. That might explain why the Netflix special is called End Times Fun: For those new to the comedian, be assured that he's back to dishing out jokes in true Marc Maron fashion.

Marc Maron Netflix comedy
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It almost felt like Maron's comedic bleakness wouldn't end. Having talked about a range of things, from "grown male nerd children" to vitamin hustlers, evangelicals, and many more things, he described these as signs of the world ending. We aren't sure if he was right or wrong, but his fans sure seemed to have gotten a kick out of it.

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given

November 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic managed to take its toll on the best of us, even Kevin Hart. Well, at least that's how he described it in his Netflix Special, Zero F**ks Given. The stand-up show was also appropriately recorded in his own home, with the funnyman in his jammies. He went on to talk about family life, but it didn't stop there. 

Hart also opened up about how his "fall from fame" affected him and how he coped with it in his everyday life. The comedian then told many stories ranging from his short boxing career to eating pizza with Jerry Seinfeld. For anyone planning to watch this special, rest assured, Kevin Hart will never disappoint you.

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything

June 23, 2020 

The Netflix comedy special Legalize Everything had Eric Andre covering practically anything random, from the flaws of fast food icons to the crazy choice for the Cops theme song. This was all accompanied by sporadic comments about Xanax "blackouts," Tupac holograms, and satiric history lessons about Puritanism. Random enough?

Netflix Comedy Eric Andre
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Legalize Everything received many reviews praising the "experimental" nature of the stand-up show. Having covered many topics in a self-proclaimed fashion, Andre wowed the New Orleans stage with this comedy special. Bringing his exciting persona to the forefront, you don't wanna miss this.

Ari Eldjárn: Pardon My Icelandic

December 2, 2020

Ari Eldjárn's Pardon My Icelandic is more than just a Netflix comedy special. It's an educational field trip through the culture of Iceland. Thanks to this comedian's vivid explanation and almost animated impressions, Icelanders and their problems have never been more understandable; Especially for anyone not from the Viking nation.

He's made unexpected remarks about Iceland's "pride" in grounding the entire continent of Europe thanks to a volcanic eruption. Plus, we can't forget Ari's discussions about how people of his native deserve some respect; This stand-up could jack out some decent laughs, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

September 10, 2019

Bill Burr may be a household name in the world of unfiltered comedy, and his 2019 Netflix special Paper Tiger highlighted it much more. The stand-up show, filmed in front of a packed house at the Royal Albert Hall in London, had some heavy satire, in the Bill Burr style we know and love.

comedy specials Netflix Burr
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The savage comedian made jokes that featured satire on anything from "Michelle Obama's book tour" to "male feminists." The funnyman also explained to the crowd why his personality might very well destroy his marriage, but we won't spoil it. For anyone wanting some good satirical fun, then Paper Tiger is a safe bet..

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

December 3, 2019

Tiffany Haddish graced her first-ever Netflix special Black Mitzvah at the end of 2019 after a decade-long career in comedy. And boy did she make her audience laugh! The funny-gal has an Emmy nomination and Grammy for Best Comedy Album to prove it. The stand-up show stayed true to its name as it explored Haddish's newly discovered Jewish Heritage.

After finding out her dad is of Jewish ancestry, the comedian decided it was time to reclaim her roots and have a Bat Mitzvah. Hilariously having dubbed it as "Black Mitzvah," Haddish talked about finding herself, her relationship with fame, and how the comedy special was long overdue. Oh, and did we mention that she sang Hava Nagila in it too?

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

March 3, 2020

Taylor Tomlinson finally gave her fans what they wanted after she debuted her talent on Netflix's The Comedy Lineup Part 1, a full-fledged comedy special. Meet Quarter-Life Crisis; Celebrating her 25th year on this planet, Taylor opened up about the problems that arose, having reached the first quarter of her life. And yes, she does it in her signature Tomlinson fashion.

Standup Netflix Taylor Tomlinson
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Tomlinson's act centers around her 20s not being the "best years in life," and she might be onto something. Additionally, she dished out jokes about realistic relationship goals. She also joked about self-improvement and other millennial problems that likely made the act more relatable to younger generations. With that being said, this new face in comedy seems to be doing quite a lot at age 25.

Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

August 26, 2019

Many Dave Chappelle fans can agree that he's had a long hiatus. That's probably why the comedian strutted on the stage looking like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, giving viewers an unforgettable experience. His Netflix comedy special Sticks & Stones reintroduced Chappelle's famous impressions of people and races, all while talking about politics (and much more).

2006 was the last time Chappelle formally showcased his comedic skills on his self-titled show. Thankfully, his Netflix special showed no signs of rust. The audience and critics alike seemed to have realized that as well, with quite a few people commenting on how Chapelle "did not change with the times." But you can be the judge of that.

Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America!

December 17, 2019

Ronny Chieng's Netflix comedy special Asian Comedian Destroys America! focuses on the idea of cultural differences between people. He seemed to be very familiar with the topic, which he credits to his rather international life. The comedian was born in Malaysia, raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Singapore, and attended the University of Melbourne.

Netflix Comedy Ronny Chieng
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Spoiler alert; There's a bit more to it. The entertainer explored more than just cultural differences, but also how the internet divides up humans. One analogy of his being that the internet is "making society dumber despite containing all of the world's knowledge." But we won't give away any more spoilers, check it out!