What We Know About Bella Hadid’s Acting Debut


| LAST UPDATE 04/06/2022

By Kayla Black
Bella Hadid acting ramy
Edward Berthelot / Contributor via Getty Images

Step aside, Tyra Banks! There's a new model breaking into the acting scene, and her name is Bella Hadid. The world-renowned supermodel has decided to dip her toe into the world of entertainment and has gone ahead and landed herself a role in one of television's hottest comedies. Here's what to know.

News first broke when both Variety and Deadline released confirmations that the younger of the Hadid sisters had signed with the Hulu comedy, Ramy. According to the statement, Bella will not just be stopping by for a quick one-time appearance, she'll have a recurring role in Ramy's third season! And for those who haven't heard of this Hulu comedy, now's the perfect time to catch up before the highly anticipated third season drops. The series tells the story of an Egyptian-American family residing in New Jersey and has become a fan favorite for its honest and LOL-worthy portrayal of life for Muslim American folks around the country. And fans aren't the only ones contributing to the hype... The show's gotten major praise at award shows since its first season. From Emmy nominations to Golden Globe wins, Ramy Youssef and his cast and crew have made quite the mark in Hollywood.

ramy season 3 cast
Jim Spellman / Stringer via Getty Images
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The Victoria's Secret model jumped on her Instagram stories to celebrate the good news. "Aka the local backgammon tournament... best cast, best crew, best show honored & excited," the 25-year-old celeb gushed to her fans. "Yallaaaa @ramy," she tagged her new co-star. "If you haven't watched the first two seasons... Go. Run. Now. Love you." You heard her! Now's your time to squeeze a binge in before season three drops on Hulu. This marks a major bucket list for Hadid, who expressed her desire to try acting as far back as 2017. According to her interview with the Telegraph, she'd started acting lessons, hoping to "have more of a voice in the world." And it looks like now she's got it!

Consider us busy until further notice rewatching seasons one and two while we wait for a trailer to drop for new episodes of Ramy. But, in the meanwhile, you can still count on us for more updates on all your favorite comedy movies and shows. Stay tuned.

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