29+ Untold Secrets From FRIENDS


| LAST UPDATE 06/02/2021

By Scarlett Adler

Remember Chandler's actual job? Or how about the secret breakup that left one castmate crying in their dressing room? No matter how many reruns we watch, we couldn't BE any more surprised by these backstage Friends secrets...

Monica's Secret Apartment Change

Before we take you behind the curtains, let's take a quick stop at Monica's place: Apartment 5... or is it 20? Well, actually, it's both. That's right, ever noticed the on-screen blunder from season 1?

Friends, Secrets, Blooper, ReunionFriends, Secrets, Blooper, Reunion
YouTube via TBS

In case anyone missed it, the first few episodes saw the Geller residence as Apartment 5. The only problem? The apartment number should have been much higher considering, well, how high up the view from that window was. So, writers swapped it with a simple "20" halfway through the first season. Problem solved?

Jennifer Aniston Was Ready To Quit

How many seasons would've truly tide us over when it came to following around our favorite friends? 1? 5? Or maybe were we cheated when the series came to an end 10 seasons later? According to Jennifer Aniston, the show's ending was actually long overdue.

Friends, Cast, Reunion, SecretsFriends, Cast, Reunion, Secrets
NBC/Newsmakers via Getty Images

In fact, if the sitcom hadn't ended when it did, we would've been saying goodbye to Rachel Green - and her trifles, of course - regardless. "How much more of Rachel do I have in me?" Aniston revealed. "How many more stories are there to tell… before we're just... pathetic?"

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David Schwimmer Struggled With the Fame

Ever wondered what happened when the stars first found their way onto the camera? Sure, it may have called for hefty paydays and hoards of paparazzi. But unlike Joey Tribbiani, David Schwimmer (a.k.a Ross) wasn't as welcoming to life as a TV star with open arms.

David Schwimmer, Friends, SecretsDavid Schwimmer, Friends, Secrets
David Hume Kennerly via Getty Images

"It made me want to hide under a baseball cap, not be seen," the actor revealed of his adjustment to fame. "I was trying to figure out: How do I be an actor in this new world, in this new situation? How do I do my job?" Luckily, we all know how this story ends, and we love catching the funny guy on our screens to this day...

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Lisa Kudrow Was Really Pregnant

Thought Phoebe carrying triplets for her long-lost brother was striking enough? Try again. Not only was Lisa Kudrow pregnant in real life, but writers decided to incorporate it into the show's storyline. But wait. That's not even the most shocking part.

Friends, Pregnancy, Secret, ReunionFriends, Pregnancy, Secret, Reunion
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

It appears Frank Junior Jr. is officially all grown up! That's right, Phoebe's off-screen baby boy just graduated from college - University of Southern California, to be specific. And suddenly, we've never felt older. Anyone know what Chandler Buffay is up to these days?

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Courteney Was Also Pregnant During Filming

We now know that Phoebe was pregnant in real life. But what we didn't know is that she wasn't the only one. Yep: Monica also had something cooking in the oven, and we're not talking about her famous turkey. Although, there's a good chance you never caught on to her secret pregnancy. And with good reason.

Friends, Pregnant, Cast, SecretsFriends, Pregnant, Cast, Secrets
Paul Drinkwater/Contributor via Getty Images

To put it simply, Courteney Cox's pregnancy didn't fit into the storyline. And so, production hid (well, attempted to) the actress's not-so-subtle baby bump during the final season of the series. Keep an eye out for the adorable belly during your next marathon.

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Matt LeBlanc Injured Himself on Set

Remember when Joey got injured, badly? No, we're not talking about his fall down the elevator shaft (R.I.P. Drake Ramoray) or the time he suffered a hernia. We're talking about the time silly Joey was jumping on the bed and ended up in a sling. But what if we said that wasn't the real reason behind his little injury?

Friends, Secret, Reunion, InjuryFriends, Secret, Reunion, Injury
NBC/Online USA via Getty Images

"We both race to the chair... I was going to land on my head... so I put my arm up to break my fall and just exploded my shoulder," LeBlanc revealed of filming the scene where he and Chandler hashed it out for an armchair. Luckily, writers were able to write it into the script. Nonetheless, we don't recommend jumping on any beds.

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Matt LeBlanc Almost Had a Nervous Breakdown

While Joey and his smile practically went hand in hand, unfortunately, things didn't quite look the same off-screen. Unfortunately for actor Matt LeBlanc, he was sent into a dark phase after wrapping up filming for the show. In fact, he "almost had a nervous breakdown," as the star put it.

Matt LeBlanc, Friends, ReunionMatt LeBlanc, Friends, Reunion
Mathieu Polak/Sygma via Getty Images

How did he explain it? "I was burnt out. I wanted to not have a schedule, not be somewhere," LeBlanc revealed. "Most actors call their agents and say, 'What's going on?' I'd call mine and say, 'Please lose my number for a few years.'" Ummm... Does Estelle know about this?

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The Cast Hated When Joey and Rachel Dated

Sure there was the copy-girl. There was the 18-page (double-sided, of course) letter. But how about the time Joey Tribbiani wedged himself between Ross and Rachel's slightly messy relationship? Safe to say, even the cast members never saw that one coming.

Friends, Secret, Reunion, CoupleFriends, Secret, Reunion, Couple
Warner Bros. Television via Getty Images

In fact, as they put it, writers might as well have linked up Monica and Ross: "That's like having a crush on your sister!" Friends co-creator David Crane recalled of the words he was met with from the grossed-out costars."You can't do that!" Yikes...

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Joey and Monica Were Supposed To Be Together

While Rachel and Joey's little fling might not have gone over well with the rest of the gang, there was another controversial couple that almost made it to our screens. No, we're not talking about David Schwimmer and Isabella Rossellini (sorry to disappoint, Ross). We're talking about Joey and Monica. I KNOW!

Friends, Cast, Reunion, CoupleFriends, Cast, Reunion, Couple
David Hume Kennerly via Getty Images

"When we were originally conceiving the show, we actually thought that Monica and Joey might become a thing," co-creator David Crane revealed. What changed that, aside from, well, London? "Then we cast [them], and just went, 'That's not the right energy.'"

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Lisa Kudrow "Did Not Like" Acting With a Double

Remember when we found out that there was another Phoebe Buffay running around the streets of New York? Of course, we're talking about her twin sister, Ursula, who, literally had us feeling like we were seeing double. Well, there's a good reason for that.

Friends, Lisa Kudrow, ReunionFriends, Lisa Kudrow, Reunion
Warner Bros. Television via Getty Images

"Her double was her actual sister, [Helena]," executive producer Kevin S. Bright revealed. Unfortunately, Lisa wasn't happy about the family affair. "She did not like acting with a double," Bright continued. "I think feeling the [stress] she put her sister into by being the double was more in her head at the time."

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Lisa Kudrow Refuses to Rewatch the Show

Catch us on any given night, and there's a good chance you'll find Friends on our Netflix screens. As for Lisa Kudrow? Well, we can't quite say the same. In fact, not only does the actress not know the last time she watched the sitcom, but she intends to keep it that way.

Friends, Reunion, Secrets, CastFriends, Reunion, Secrets, Cast
Newsmakers/NBC via Getty Images

"I don't watch it if it's on," Kudrow confessed. As for why she reaches for that remote every time her face graces the screen? Unfortunately, while we can't get enough of Phoebe Buffay, she doesn't exactly feel that way. "I might not like myself, so I'd rather not risk that," the actress revealed.

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What Is Chandler's Job?

It's the question that still haunts us to this day: We know all about Rachel's waitressing skills (well, attempts), Ross's infatuation with dinosaurs, but what exactly does Chandler do for a living? After all, even Rachel and Monica couldn't get it right.

Matthew Perry, Friends, ReunionMatthew Perry, Friends, Reunion
Paul Drinkwater /NBC/Onile USA Inc. via Getty Images

If you guessed, "Transponster," try again: "Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration," as Matthew Perry revealed on The Graham Norton Show. Though if you ask us? We'd say Chandler's reigning duties as "the funny guy" are more noteworthy. Which brings us to our next little fun fact...

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The Cast Hated the Opening Sequence

It's the one scene we'll never get out of our minds: Six friends, calf-deep in a dimly lit fountain on a breezy summer night. But just because we watched them laugh as they splashed around doesn't mean it was all fun and games. In fact, it was actually far from it.

Friends, Cast, Reunion, SecretsFriends, Cast, Reunion, Secrets
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

"Literally, we were just like, 'Oh my god, how much longer are we going to pretend to love dancing in the water?'" Courteney Cox confessed of the opening sequence - originally set to be filmed on a rooftop. Safe to say, several pruny fingers and hours later, the impromptu 4 a.m. shoot will live on forever.

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The Cast Was Scared of Matt LeBlanc

How you doin'? Let's face it, Joey Tribbiani isn't exactly the most intimidating (unless, of course, you get in the way of his pizza). But believe it or not, that's exactly how his cast-mates imagined him when actor Matt LeBlanc first stumbled onto set.

Matt LeBlanc, Friends, CastMatt LeBlanc, Friends, Cast
NBC/Newsmakers via Getty Images

"I was scared of that type of guy," Jennifer Aniston revealed to People of her first impression of the actor. With a mechanic father and several modeling stints under his belt, LeBlanc initially came off as rough around the edges. "He thinks it's very funny now," she added. So do we.

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Jennifer Aniston Hated the "Rachel" Hairdo

If there was one thing we envied more than her wardrobe? It was the hair. Obviously, we're talking about Rachel Green's famous blonde locks, otherwise known as "The Rachel." But there was actually one person who hated it: Jennifer Aniston, herself. Yes, really.

Jennifer Aniston, Hair, FriendsJennifer Aniston, Hair, Friends
NBC Television via Getty Images

"How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," Jennifer Aniston revealed of her famous 'do. After taking a trip to her favorite hairdresser (who may have had a little too much to drink, as she eventually revealed), the "Rachel" was born. And it's been haunting the actress ever since.

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Jennifer Aniston Had to "Date" Her Ex on-Screen

Thought our breakups were bad? Try working with yours in front of millions of viewers... as you act as on-screen lovers. That's exactly what happened for Jennifer Aniston as we watched Rachel crush hard on Joshua (remember him?). Safe to say, it was exactly as awkward as it sounds.

Friends, Cast, Tate DonovanFriends, Cast, Tate Donovan
Handout/ Hulton Archive via Getty Images

"We were breaking up," actor Tate Donovan revealed of his time on our screen back in 1998. "I remember just getting back to my dressing room and just weeping." Ouch. Luckily (breakups aside, of course), the cast had lots of good laughs when the cameras weren't rolling. Keep scrolling...

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Pranking Jennifer Aniston on Set

Remember when "fun Aunt Rachel" proved just how, well, fun she really was? Well, forget all those quarters and plastic wrapped toilets for a second. While Rachel and Ben might have been feeling pretty proud about their practical jokes, it appears Ross actually got the last laugh, after all.

Friends, Cast, Reunion, PrankFriends, Cast, Reunion, Prank
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

As we watched Ross "fall" down those stairs, we weren't the only ones unaware we were actually looking at a dummy. That's right, Jennifer Aniston, too, was duped on set: Actor David Schwimmer - who directed the episode - decided it would be funny to play a little prank on his co-star. And we're certainly glad he did.

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How Much Did the Stars Earn

Granted, she may have been scrounging for tips during her time at Central Perk. But off-screen? Jennifer Aniston's bank account looked very different. As for how much she - and her costars - raked in from her time on our screens? Perhaps not what we expected...

Friends, Cast, Reunion, SalaryFriends, Cast, Reunion, Salary
Warner Bros. via Getty Images

As Business Insider reported, the first season of the show only saw the stars walk home with only about $22,500 per episode. But don't worry. By the time that final season came rolling around? That number looked a whole lot larger. Each actor took home a pretty hefty paycheck - about $1 million/episode, to be exact.

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The Hidden Celebrity Cameos

Sure, we now know about all of the heartbroken exes and siblings who found their way onto our screens. But aside from Joshua and Ursula, there were actually many other familiar faces who guest-starred on the beloved sitcom over the years. Any guess who we're referring to?

Friends, Guest star, castFriends, Guest star, cast
Fotos International via Getty Images

From George Clooney (hospital nurse) to Hugh Laurie (Rachel's slightly unimpressed airplane companion) to Richard Branson (the London vendor), production managed to pull out all the stops. But there was one A-list role that was never meant to happen... Go on...

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Robin Williams and Billy Crystal's Cameos Were Completely Accidental

Remember when Robin Williams and Billy Crystal- or should we say, Tomas and Tim - stole that coveted spot at Central Perk? Of course we do, because, well, how could we not? But what if we said the entire ordeal was never supposed to happen. In fact, the late comedian and actor's entire cameo was completely impromptu.

Robin Williams, Billy, FriendsRobin Williams, Billy, Friends
E. Charbonneau/WireImage for Sony Pictures-Los Angeles via Getty Images

What happened? After the stars happened to be filming at a neighboring set, they wandered onto Friends' filming site, and well, the rest is now history. But while their time at Central Perk may have been short-lived, it's certainly bound to live on forever.

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The Cast's Wild Weekend in Vegas

Remember the one where the six of them went to Vegas? No, we're not talking about the trip that ended with a wedding chapel. We're talking about, "The one where the six... went to Vegas and no one knew we were F.R.I.E.N.D.S yet," as Courteney Cox revealed. What happened? The director surprised the cast before the show aired.

Friends, Cast, Vegas, ReunionFriends, Cast, Vegas, Reunion
Instagram via @courteneycoxofficial

"He took us to dinner at Spago at Caesar's palace, and we were like, 'We're so fancy,'" Aniston joked. Then, he handed them dollar bills and sent them on their way. Why? "[It'd be] the last time [they'd] be able to walk into a casino anonymously,'" as he put it. Talk about being right on the money.

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Barry Almost Played Ross

It's almost weird to think of anyone other than David Schwimmer playing our favorite dino-loving troublemaker. But believe it or not, there was another actor that almost took on the role of Monica's big brother. And we've actually met him several times before: Barry Farber.

Mitchell Whitfield, Friends, RossMitchell Whitfield, Friends, Ross
ITV via Shutterstock

"I was brought in to audition for Ross," actor Mitchell Whitfield revealed. "I got down to the very end." Unfortunately, things took a sudden turn when production brought in "one more guy" to read at the very last minute. (Yes, his name was David.) Nonetheless, he still got to date Rachel Green, so we'd say he did just fine.

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This Friends Actor Didn't Engage With Guest Stars

When he wasn't busy clocking in at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History or crushing on Rachel, Ross Geller's reality looked very different. In fact, according to Vincent Ventresca (a.k.a Fun Bobby), actor David Schwimmer was actually very private when the cameras weren't rolling.

David Schwimmer, Cast, FriendsDavid Schwimmer, Cast, Friends
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

"He was the one most not interested in meeting anyone," Ventresca revealed of Schwimmer's interactions with guest stars. And perhaps he wasn't the only one who felt that way. "Guest stars would complain about how they didn't have access to this or that area," Jane Sibbett (a.k.a Carol) added.

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What Happened to the Props

The velvety orange sofa. The purple door. The foosball table: If there's perhaps one thing more noteworthy than the 20-somethings who once dominated our screens? Of course, it was the props. But what exactly happened to them once the sitcom came to an end?

Friends, Set, Cast, SecretsFriends, Set, Cast, Secrets
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

While some were auctioned off to lucky fans, we can rest easy knowing the rest are in good hands. From one of Monica's lace dresses (ahem, Jennifer Aniston) to Ross's "Professor Geller" placard (of course, David Schwimmer) to one of Joey's foosball's (Matt LeBlanc), the cast has snagged some pretty priceless mementos along the way.

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The Show Almost Had a Different Name

We hear the word "friends," and we instantly think of Central Perk - along with the six pals who once hijacked that sofa, of course. But the hit series almost looked - well, sounded - very differently. That's right, Friends almost had a completely different name.

Friends, Cast, Reunion, BloopersFriends, Cast, Reunion, Bloopers
David Hume Kennerly via Getty Images

"Six of One was the name of the show during the pilot," Karey Burke, NBC's former prime-time executive, revealed. What happened? "[Co-creators] Kauffman and Crane came back with "Friends," which we thought was such a snore." Sorry, Karey, we'd say you're alone on that one.

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Courteney Cox Was Almost Rachel

Back in 1994, we watched a soaked runaway bride stumble into Central Perk looking as lost as we were. But she actually almost looked very different. "We originally offered Rachel to Courteney Cox," co-creator Kauffman revealed. Safe to say, we all know how this story ends. So what happened?

Friends, Reunion, Cast, SecretsFriends, Reunion, Cast, Secrets
David Hume Kennerly via Getty Images

To put it simply, Courteney wasn't interested. Yes, really. "She said she wanted to do Monica, not Rachel." Why? "For some reason, I thought I related more to Monica, which maybe it's because I do," Cox finally explained. In all fairness, have you seen her kitchen pantry?

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What To Expect From the Reboot

Could we BE any more excited? After endless years spent waiting around, our favorite friends have finally headed back to our screens. But if by some chance you haven't yet caught the HBO Max reunion special, which blessed our screens on May 27? Here's what to expect.

Friends, Reboot, HBO, castFriends, Reboot, HBO, cast
YouTube via HBO Max

For starters, "This is not a new, original episode of the series," as HBO Max revealed of the unscripted episode. Instead, "The cast will be appearing as themselves." Does that mean Chandler's one-liners might not make an appearance? We guess we'll have to watch and find out.

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The Intentional Wedding Blooper

Sure, there was Fun Bobby. There was Julio. But what about when we weren't busy third-wheeling Monica's love life? Back in 1999, as Geller's off-screen relationship saw her become a wife, writers decided to pay tribute to the exciting milestone in the form of a hilarious "blooper."

Friends, Reunion, Secrets, BloopersFriends, Reunion, Secrets, Bloopers
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

As the show's 6th season made its way to our screens, so did incorrect opening credits. That's right, writers decided to add "Arquette," Courteney's new title, to all of her cast mate's last names as well. And we can't believe we're only realizing this one now...

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The Role of Chandler is a Lot Like Matthew Perry

Ever wondered how he always managed to have a slew of one-liners ready for use at all times? Sure, Chandler's commitment phobias or childhood traumas might have played a slight part. But the truth is that he's also got his off-screen self to thank for that. In fact, the role of Chandler was practically made for Matthew Perry.

Friends, Cast, Matthew PerryFriends, Cast, Matthew Perry
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

"He's the class clown, for sure," Matt LeBlanc revealed. Not only is the actor witty on-screen, but he even brought that same humor onto set. "They'd make fun of him for literally always wanting to have the last laugh," fellow co-star Paget Brewster (a.k.a Kathy) added.

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Friends for Life

On September 22, 1994, six strangers took to our screens as we watched them navigate through life - the good, the bad, and the ugly naked guys (had to). Since then, nothing's ever been the same. But despite morphing the cast into timeless stars, Friends has gone on to do so much more...

Friends, Reunion, HBO, CastFriends, Reunion, HBO, Cast
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

"It's so beyond the work and what the show was," Jennifer Anniston gushed. "The friendships - family - that came out of it? You can't put it into words," she revealed of the priceless bonds made along the way. Even if the rain starts to pour, the friends will always be there for each other...

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