Ashley Park is Set to Star in Upcoming Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Ashley park upcoming comedy
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We might have first met her in Paris, but Ashley Park's latest adventure is about to take her halfway across the globe. The Emily in Paris actress is set to star in an upcoming comedy that sees her traveling across Asia. Here's what we know about the future film...

Ashley park upcoming comedy

For starters, the comedy – which has yet to be titled – will follow a group of Asian American women in search of their birth mothers. But their quest for answers will soon prove to be far from simple. As they explore their Asian homeland, the girls’ dysfunctional journey soon becomes “one of bonding, friendship, belonging, and no-holds-barred wild debauchery,” as Variety reported.

“This journey began with me, Cherry, and Teresa – my friends and comedy writing heroes – wanting to tell a story with characters who look like us, about women who are messy and thirsty but have so much heart,” director Adele Lim proudly explained. Name sound familiar? There’s good reason for that…

adele lim upcoming comedy
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The Hollywood writer was also the mastermind behind Crazy Rich Asians, another adventure centered around a group of Asian Americans and their journey to uncovering their own roots. Safe to say, if Lim's latest story is like anything we've seen before, we're in for a real treat here.

Upcoming comedy adele lim
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According to Variety, Lim's untitled comedy is set to begin production this Fall. But don't worry, we've got lots to tide us over in the meantime. Of course, we're talking about Ashley Park's Emmy-nominated series, Emily in Paris. For those who haven't yet caught the Netflix binge, the comedy follows fashionista Emily (Lily Collins) as she navigates her way through the city of love - alongside with her sidekick, Mindy (Ashely Park), of course.

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Ashley park netflix comedy
Instagram via @ashleyparklady

"Finally reunited and all the feels," Park gushed on the 'gram of beginning production for the second season this past May. "Shooting Season 2 has been surreal and magic in many ways, we can't wait to share with youuuuu..."

Stay tuned, while we wait (impatiently) for the latest installment to hit our screens. And on that note, Au revoir!