Armie Hammer Took Hilarious Precautions on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and Wore a Space Suit

Taran Underwood

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Jimmy Kimmel was pleased to welcome his first live guest since March, Armie Hammer, and he certainly wowed the audience with his wardrobe. Hammer arrived in a spacesuit for extra protection, bringing even more laughter to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Armie Hammer Spacesuit
YouTube via Jimmy Kimmel Live

"How far are we right now?" Hammer asked Kimmel as he entered the stage. Jimmy confirmed that they were seated eight feet apart, to which Armie gave a sigh of relief.

"The thing is, I know where I've been; I don't know where you've been," Hammer joked. "This is a global pandemic. This feels a little irresponsible." Kimmel agreed, saying, "You're right, you can't be too careful."

"I've been tested on a daily basis, so I think you're pretty safe with me," Kimmel added. He also pointed out Hammer's interesting footwear choice, a pair of white sandals, which showcased his incomplete pedicure. "Yeah, yeah, I got half a pedicure," said Armie.

Armie Hammer Spacesuit
Getty Images via Getty Images Staff

Jimmy couldn't help but tell Armie he resembled a baked potato, and Armie didn't deny it. "But after you've eaten half of it, kind of wrapped up in foil and stuff it in your car and forget about it for a month. That baked potato!"

Armie Hammer Spacesuit
Getty Images via Alberto E. Rodriguez

Armie definitely threw the audience for a loop with his NASA-inspired spacesuit, but hey, there's nothing wrong with taking precaution, right? Even if it made him look like a baked potato!