Amy's Cooking up a Storm in the New Season of 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook'

Taran Underwood

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Amy Schumer never fails to keep us entertained, and aside from being an epic comedian, she's recently been showing off her culinary skills. Her latest series, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, has returned for a second season, and we can't wait to get cooking with her!

Amy and her husband, professional chef, Chris Fischer, are excited to show off a whole new array of recipes. Between Amy's natural talent in the spotlight and Chris's expert chef training, these two make a perfect pair for a cooking show.

Amy and Chris Amy Schumer Learns to Cook
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The first season premiered on the Food Network this past May, in the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Amy and Chris, film each episode in their home, with their nanny holding the camera, rather than a professional crew, making it all the more authentic.

Food Network Amy Schumer Learns to Cook
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Amy was the first to admit that she's not necessarily a natural-born chef like her husband is, but she'll never turn down a challenge. "Never in my life did I think I was going to know how to poach an egg," Schumer said before beginning the show.

New Challenge Amy Schumer Learns to Cook
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The couple has partnered with the Food Network to raise money for Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp. Amy explained that their mission is to aid the well being of others.

Mission Amy Schumer Learns to cook
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"We are happy to be coming back for a second season because sequels are always the best," Schumer added. We certainly can't get enough of our favorite blonde, and other than make us laugh, Amy's even helped us master our culinary skills!